Muura Steak House

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Strada Roosevelt 2, Cluj

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M Melania
2 noiembrie 2018 08:33 Rezervat în data de 1 noiembrie 2018 prin

Steak foarte bun , servire nota zece! Un loc super, felicitari ! Multumim! ????

Tania Karabetskaya
23 martie 2019 09:59

Nice quiet place with a great location. I'm putting 5 stars for the quality of food, atmosphere and service. But the food catering (like the plate decoration) leaves much to be desired. Really, guys, the cheese plate looked like a 14 year-old decided to prepare himself a snack. Same goes to the burger (which was also named Muura, so it's your special treat). Please, consider this small critique, cuz we want to go back to you.
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28 ianuarie 2019 11:51

This/these chef(s) honestly have the best meat in town! #nohomo. I've only tried the burgers and was amazed each time, but I presume the steaks are great as well. Only downside (IMO) would be the sauces...some diversity and some made in-house would be a nice addition. Other than that, the staff are very polite and there's really nothing bad to say about the venue.
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Björn Rittershausen
3 februarie 2019 13:18

The Burger I tried was tasty to the extent, that the meat was juicy. From my experience in other burger locations in Europe, I can see the potential Muura (when it comes to Burgers) has, as soon the kitchen realises, that a lukewarm burger with salad, dressing and other ingredients straight from the fridge, is not a culinary highlight. The bun not roasted, was also not enjoyable. Whatever the cook knows about Burgers, it is not enough to create a convincing culinary experience.
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Rares Porc
2 ianuarie 2019 19:28

Located in the city center, with a nice view of the pedestrian zone, an eclectic interior and very attentive stuff Murra is a fresh breath of air in an environment kneed by vulgar bad taste.
I've been dinning here since the beginning and i was never disappointed. Taste buds have always been delighted and surprised.
Make sure you try the quality stakes as this is a Steak House by whole means.
Also the duck is making a big fuss so make sure you go for it
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Andrei Sid
20 decembrie 2018 11:04

Excellent food.
Unfortunately if you are wearing a t shirt and jeans, the waiters do not pay much attention to you.
The other table got their 2nd bottle of wine, while we were waiting to order drinks. We ordered 30 minutes after entering the restaurant (after weaving at the waiter of course)
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