Muura Steak House

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Strada Roosevelt 2, Cluj
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M Melania
2 noiembrie 2018 08:33 Rezervat în data de 1 noiembrie 2018 prin

Steak foarte bun , servire nota zece! Un loc super, felicitari ! Multumim! ????

Jemini Amrat
28 iulie 2019 12:13

Really nice restaurant located near many bars. The area provides the restaurant with a very vibrant atmosphere. This is one of pricier restaurants in Cluj but it is definitely worth the money. We were very well looked after and the food was lovely. I had the truffle pasta and it was amazing! Very flavoursome and a nice portion size!
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An C
30 iulie 2019 18:49

Anything beef is amazing. Probably the best i've ever had. If more restaurants took their job this seriously we could only give 5 stars.
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George Cordos
31 iulie 2019 22:55

The location is very good and the ambience is really nice. The food, especially the burgers, is very good. I also had a lemonade but it was a bit bland, with no lemon taste. Also, the tables on the terrace are a bit wobbly.
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Melisa AM
26 iunie 2019 12:57

Not that great. The serving is lacking, as in the waiters are not very professional but more casual. Their burgers (even though they are like 5), are about the same thing with 1 or 2 ingredients changed so your choice won't affect the taste very much. They are filled with too many ingredients and quite hard to eat because they are falling apart. The bun is dry so it'll break off easily. The taste is just a mix of things and not something special. Overall it felt like a fast-food experience. We left feeling very full but not necessary satisfied with the food we had. Maybe the other options on the menu are better but I wouldn't recommend the burgers.
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Tania Karabetskaya
23 martie 2019 09:59

Nice quiet place with a great location. I'm putting 5 stars for the quality of food, atmosphere and service. But the food catering (like the plate decoration) leaves much to be desired. Really, guys, the cheese plate looked like a 14 year-old decided to prepare himself a snack. Same goes to the burger (which was also named Muura, so it's your special treat). Please, consider this small critique, cuz we want to go back to you.
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