Matei Corvin

Strada Matei Corvin 3, Cluj

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Un restaurant tradițional transilvănean în inima orașului, cu preparate deosebite, delicioase și atmosferă familiară.

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Kevin Brunet
27 iunie 2018 22:53

Restaurant Matei Corvin was unbelievably good. The owner was very enthusiastic for us to try his food and to make sure we ordered authentic dishes. He was hospitable and hilarious. I would highly suggest you just ask him or your server what you should try that is authentic and Hungarian. They will take care of you.
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Enrico Virgilio
2 iulie 2018 16:13

Very nice food and customer care
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Hieper depiep
6 aprilie 2018 19:56

I'd say that this is the best restaurant in the city! Great place with great food. Pricing is good and I like the looks.
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Jesus DeLeon
22 mai 2018 21:34

Great testing food and drinks. Great, friendly staff. I would visit again.
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Andorkó Júlia
10 iulie 2018 12:02

The owner speaks a dozen of languages, the food is traditional and delicious! Here global meets local.
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