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Matei Corvin

Strada Matei Corvin 3, Cluj
Matei Corvin nu acceptă rezervări online prin

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Matei Corvin nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Un restaurant tradițional transilvănean în inima orașului, cu preparate deosebite, delicioase și atmosferă familiară.

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27 iunie 2018 22:53

Restaurant Matei Corvin was unbelievably good. The owner was very enthusiastic for us to try his food and to make sure we ordered authentic dishes. He was hospitable and hilarious. I would highly suggest you just ask him or your server what you should try that is authentic and Hungarian. They will take care of you.
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22 mai 2018 21:34

Great testing food and drinks. Great, friendly staff. I would visit again.
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16 august 2017 20:53

Very friendly service. Traditional food with an extraordinary good taste. It's located in the city center so you can expect it to be busy at peak times.
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2 august 2017 19:25

Excellent local food - one of the highly recommended places in Cluj - and with good reasons.
The owner is a very nice person with warm temper, the food is very good and they also serve Hungarian food as this area belong in the past to Hungary. We ate there some fish, Mamaliga (polenta) - very well done and to drink some lemonade. Clean and good. Well money-worth.
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3 decembrie 2016 16:52

Food is good, prices are OK. Seems that in the morning staff is not very organised, but they are nice
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