Matei Corvin

Strada Matei Corvin 3, Cluj

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Un restaurant tradițional transilvănean în inima orașului, cu preparate deosebite, delicioase și atmosferă familiară.

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Selin Deniz
31 iulie 2018 10:56

Authentic food great stuff and a nice owner who is funny and knows many languages! Taste of the food was on top and portions huge so you won't leave hungry! Entertaining owner and fair prices!! Great place to visit and enjoy a dinner with some nice drinks and wines! Great for family gatherings!!
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Kevin Brunet
27 iunie 2018 22:53

Restaurant Matei Corvin was unbelievably good. The owner was very enthusiastic for us to try his food and to make sure we ordered authentic dishes. He was hospitable and hilarious. I would highly suggest you just ask him or your server what you should try that is authentic and Hungarian. They will take care of you.
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Hieper depiep
6 aprilie 2018 19:56

I'd say that this is the best restaurant in the city! Great place with great food. Pricing is good and I like the looks.
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pralea alin
26 iulie 2018 16:48

What I would call a nice place to eat
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Jesus DeLeon
22 mai 2018 21:34

Great testing food and drinks. Great, friendly staff. I would visit again.
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