Matei Corvin

Strada Matei Corvin 3, Cluj

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Un restaurant tradițional transilvănean în inima orașului, cu preparate deosebite, delicioase și atmosferă familiară.

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Iulia Popa
28 februarie 2018 18:17

Amazing food, careful with huge portions
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Vaduva Valentin
12 martie 2018 19:52

The food ia extraordanary here. Would give it 6 stars if that was an option
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Mihai Gheorghe
22 decembrie 2017 05:28

Just take care with the size of the food. I went for somethig advertized as medium and they were quite large. Good food in the context of what you are able to find around. Some tipes of beers were out of stock but overall it just do the trick.
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Anton Popescu
4 august 2017 22:11

Deceptively big despite small opening to the street. A couple of tables outside. Very central, convenient when visiting downtown. Hefty meals, meaty. Not so much on vegetables and fish side. Good service, foreign languages spoken. Priced in the medium range. Wines, quite expensive, though.
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giuseppe fedele
16 noiembrie 2017 20:43

Great place!! Informal, tasty food, big portions, best ratio quality price!! Waiters super professionals!! Really suggested!!!
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