Lotus Restaurant

Strada Academician David Prodan 4, Cluj

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Primul restaurant cu specific tailandez din Cluj-Napoca.

Bucataria thailandeza, renumita pentru complexitatea si echilibrul dintre arome, ofera o experienta culinara deosebita si sanatoasa.

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Luni - Vineri
12:00 - 21:30
15:30 - 21:30


Păreri despre "Lotus Restaurant"

Rares Crisan
31 decembrie 2017 11:10

Strongly recommend the place! The owner is a guy with strong morals and high standards and that reflects on the food he's making here. Enjoy!
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22 noiembrie 2017 00:07

Not exactly what you would expect of a Thai place. Seeing as it was quite cold outside you would expect them to heat up the place so that your clients could seat confortable without needing to get their coat back on. The service was not that great, or maybe I just have higher standards, but I was not disappointed by the food. It was quite decent for their price range. I would recommend visiting the place once and giving it a try if you're into Thai. If not you're better off spending your money elsewhere.
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Radu Nedisan
9 februarie 2018 20:08

The food is excellent. Service and location could be better
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Dan Haiduc
18 ianuarie 2018 15:51

The food is excellent, a tasty combination of exotic ingredients - as spicy as you want them.

However, you have to wait a lot if you're there for lunch.
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Iulia Hlusca
27 octombrie 2017 07:41

Awesome food and great hospitality! The prices are perfect and the quality of the food is really good. I really recommend this place. :)
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