Klausen Burger

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Strada Regele Ferdinand 22, Cluj

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Klausen Burger este un restaurant berarie si inainte de toate o micro berarie care si-a propus sa ofere clientilor sai o gama variata de bere naturala, intregul proces tehnologic desfasurandu-se in incinta restaurantului berarie cu aceeasi denumire"Klausen Burger". Este o bere traditionala cu caracter bavarez. Berea Klausen Burger este o bere naturala,care contine doar apa,malt,hamei si drojdie de bere.Materia prima este importata din regiunea vestica a Germaniei iar berarul nostru cetatean maghiar, si-a demonstrat maiestria si talentul in cei 20 de ani de experienta deschizand peste 100 de berarii in toata lumea. Acest lucru s-a observat imediat si in experienta cu Klausen Burger. In 2012 la numai doi ani de la deschidere am participat la concursul international de bere de la Miskolc, Ungaria unde au participat 66 de producatori de bere! Trei tipuri de bere Klausen Burger au fost madaliate cu bronz!

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Z Zoltan
6 septembrie 2018 21:12 Rezervat în data de 6 septembrie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Rezervarea nu a fost luata in considerare! Am primit raspuns prin aplicatie ca se poate face rezervare pe terasa dar defapt nu-i asa.

A Andreea
1 august 2018 22:01 Rezervat în data de 1 august 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Mancarea a fost exceptionala,dar am asteptat cam mult dupa ea !!

László Ciople
11 octombrie 2018 22:16

The place looks really nice. It is a bit loud, but that is because it's very popular. You usually need to have a reservation to get a table.
The food is extraordinarily good. It is expensive, but very delicious. I had one of the best burgers of my life here.
The drinks are also extravagant. The beer is brewed in the restaurant, and it's quite tasty.
The staff is very helpful, very well trained and experienced.
Overall, if you have the money, it is definitely a place to try out.
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Cristian Solomon
21 septembrie 2018 14:11

Very nice setup both inside and outside on the rooftop terrace, great panoramic view of the city.

I've liked particularly their in house crafted dark beer. The food and snacks were good as well.

Definitely will return.
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Horatiu Popescu
12 septembrie 2018 23:38

Good looking place withe excellent views over the city's landscape. Decent food, decent prices, however quite dirty toilets. Then you cannot make reservations for their terrace. If you do manage to get a table on the terrace and you get close to finishing your drinks and / or food the waiters will rush you and make you uncomfortable. Too bad as the place is quite nice. Service is average.
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Radu Ghita
13 septembrie 2018 18:06

It's a great place to go out for food and drinks. It's spacious, the food is delicious, they have in house made beer that you can get in giant pints (1 litre) and the view from the top terrace is awesome. I recommend this place if you want to go out.
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Leu Huang
11 septembrie 2018 14:49

This restaurant is not tourist friendly, don‘t visit unless you can speak and read Romanian. They don‘t have an English Menu, although some food titles are international. We ordered two chicken burgers (which surprisingly consisted of minced meat), the frost bite lemonade (way too sweet), the Indian Pale Ale and at the end some chicken fingers. The food was okay, we would recommend the chicken fingers and the beer, but we expected more from the burger in a burger restaurant. Both waitresses who have served us were quite unfriendly and put on an annoyed look every time we wanted to order. The restaurant itself was really hip and chique, the bathrooms were clean, but all in all the service ruined our experience, hence only 2
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