Joben Bistro

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Strada Avram Iancu 29, Cluj
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Joben Bistro este un local ce ia nastere sub emblema "Steampunk".

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Păreri despre "Joben Bistro"

L Leonard
24 iulie 2019 22:01 Rezervat în data de 24 iulie 2019 prin

Oaspatar nu prea prietenos, as fi surprins daca mancarea a fost "neatinsa" si se pare ca nu poti plati cu cardul in restaurantul lor

Luke Wheeler
25 mai 2019 23:32

Steam punk themed bar - totally ridiculous but visually stunning! They serve some great local beer, and while the menu is limited, the burgers were great (really good value for money too). Staff were helpful and accommodating, with one of the waitresses even giving us a list of things to see/do during our short stay. Definitely worth dropping in, if only for a drink and few pics
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Pan Ioan
18 mai 2019 18:13

A special place because of it steam punk interior. The atmosphere is relaxed and with prices as in all the other central pubs, coffee shops. The bar has a good wine selection, beers and of course cocktails. Good food even for vegetarians! Plus the serving is really nice!
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Vlad Haidu
12 august 2019 18:47

One of the most beautiful places in CJ. A must visit. Unique design. Unfortunatelly, no terrace...and during summer, it's important...Not quite cheap.
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Glaeth Butcher
24 aprilie 2019 01:45

It was a nice experience to have some burgers in this bistro. The steampunk environment is very well detailed with a lot of cool stuff hanging everywhere. There is a fine selection of quality beers and burgers on the menu. The burgers we tried were well prepared with high quality ingredients - their taste was really good and the size of the portions were more than enough.
I had a meal at this place for the second time within one year and I am looking forward to the next possibility to visit it again.
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Dragos Sandu
9 august 2019 15:45

The waiters are young, nice and helpful, although begginers. They brought desert while I was still eating the main course.
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