Joben Bistro

Strada Avram Iancu 29, Cluj

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Joben Bistro este un local ce ia nastere sub emblema "Steampunk".

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Păreri despre "Joben Bistro"

Pan Ioan
4 ianuarie 2018 22:33

A special place because of it steam punk interior. The bar has a good wine selection, beers and of course cocktails and good for the soul. Good food even for vegetarians! Plus the serving is really nice!
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Iulia Stana
17 noiembrie 2017 20:23

You like steam punk? Stop doubting, get here now. Great selection of wine, special beers, whisky, cocktails and good for the soul. As their placemats point out "The only time to be on a diet is while your waiting for the steak to be done. Let food be your medicine and your medicine be food". Vegetarian? No problem, their vegetarian dishes had even me - a convinced meat eater - drooling. Haven't tried everything on the menu, but my vote goes to "the cage" - best spareribs I've tasted in ages! Sorry, no food pics, it's long gone!
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Timo Bakx
17 noiembrie 2017 20:21

Awesome place. Lovely staff and a very nice atmosphere. Unique decorations as it is a genuine Steam Punk cafe.
If you're hungry, I can recommend The Cage.
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Bogdan Parau
22 februarie 2018 08:21

One of the most uniquely charming places in the city. Steampunk, steampunk everywhere...also good food and good selection of local craft beer.
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Zsolt Benko
3 ianuarie 2018 15:03

Amazing food and drinks. Best decoration and atmosphere in town. If you want to go there on Friday or Saturday evening make a reservation days ahead.
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