Joben Bistro

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Strada Avram Iancu 29, Cluj

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Joben Bistro este un local ce ia nastere sub emblema "Steampunk".

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Luni - Joi
08:00 - 23:00
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Păreri despre "Joben Bistro"

Kelsey Waddington
20 septembrie 2018 13:01

This place was amazing! We went twice during our 3 day stay. The waitress was so helpful, what a credit to the team. The food was so good, just wish we had more days to try more from the menu. We did try most of the cocktails, you won't be disappointed. This place is definitely a must, what a cool cosy, well thought out bar and restaurant
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Jiří Havlas
6 iulie 2018 01:50

I was in Joben previously and I was amazed by the drinks and service. Today, not so much. We arrived pretty late but still before the official closing time. Bartender was shouting that they are already closed. I pointed out on the opening hours and that we would take just one quick shot, pay and leave.... assume that the stuff wanted to give more attention to the girls in front of the bistro then to us because we were told to go.
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Skie P.
2 iunie 2018 18:57

A place not like everything you see on a day-to-day basis.
The atmosphere and the decorations attract the crowd. The people who decorated it have a very keen eye to detail. All the walls, furniture, corners, even the ceiling have something that draws the attention of the customer. Truly interesting and mesmerizing.
Of course, such ambiance does not come at a cheap price. It's a relatively expensive location, one burger was 28 ron. I can't say if it's worth its money but if you have the possibility, you could give it a try because their menu is just as quirky as the rest. We just had a milkshake, it was served quickly and the staff was nice.
Definitely a place to see, even if you'll only get one drink!
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Andra Piftor
17 iulie 2018 19:59

Love the speampunk decor, makes for a good conversation starter. Tried their cappuccino with violet syrup which tastes interesting,though a bit like my grandma's closet. The other coffees were good. Minus points for not having air conditioning in summer.
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14 iunie 2018 00:37

Very intersting interior design, while here you can feast your eyes. Every corner has some delightful detail. The personal is kind and customer oriented, they will come at your service instantly and met your every request. They serve a diverse range of artizanal beers. Food is also very good. Overall a very nice experience.
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