Colin's Gastro Pub

Strada Cardinal Iuliu Hossu 30-32, Cluj

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După călătoria sa în jurul lumii, Colin și-a desăvârșit gusturile și le-a aplicat în meniul unuia din cele mai fanteziste locuri din oraș!

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Luni - Duminică
09:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "Colin's Gastro Pub"

Dan Alecu
26 februarie 2018 18:06

The vintage + industrial decorations combo for me seems simply average, as alot of places are using this style nowadays. The menu is interesting, but the ingrediwnts uaed in the food seem to be fairly cheap, which is not a welcome thing considering the menu is quite pricy. Also, our waiter kept trying to be funny but was actually making quite bad jokes and even ended up being offensive.
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Roland Stefani
18 martie 2018 10:01

Haven't tried much here except for their pizza and local craft beer. I liked both, so next time I am going there I will have the same.
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Marius Ivas
27 decembrie 2017 16:22

Great place very close to the park and the stadium. Good food and above average prices.
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Cristina Ungureanu
4 martie 2018 12:16

The food is overpriced. Don't get fooled by the nice design of this place.
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Andrei Mirion
16 noiembrie 2017 08:00

Good food, nice hospitality, cozy. A bit pryci but still acceptable.
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