Colin's Gastro Pub

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Strada Cardinal Iuliu Hossu 30-32, Cluj

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După călătoria sa în jurul lumii, Colin și-a desăvârșit gusturile și le-a aplicat în meniul unuia din cele mai fanteziste locuri din oraș!

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Păreri despre "Colin's Gastro Pub"

7 ianuarie 2019 01:24

Good looking, great tasting food, on point staff and the waiting time was short. I would like to express my appreciation towards the looks of the place, it's great. Although, I need to mention that the prices aren't low at all, above average actually, but the quality's there. I hope you enjoy this beautiful restaurant as much as I did! Cheers!
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Zsolt Hatszegi
16 ianuarie 2019 09:55

I had to be there 11 days in a row because of an event. Highly insensitive crew, rarely smiled if at all. One waiter humiliated my wife (none of us drink any alcohol) for resting her head for minute around 2 A.M. while i went to the toilet.
The food and beverages are good, but the service and attitude of some waiters are unacceptable.
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Elena Parau - MyGiulietta handmade accessories
5 decembrie 2018 21:39

They say it's a good place to eat, so we try it. Our experience was pretty bad, as the waiter was not coming, then the food was having a delay. The service is bad anyway, and the food is nothing special. I will not enter anymore in this place.
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Ana-Maria Nagy
21 decembrie 2018 07:23

2 years ago: Love it! A bit pricey, but the ambiance is great, they have a great yard where you can sit in the summer, you can watch sports on tv, great food, good beer variety, just great.

Yesterday: I downgrade from 5 to 1 star because I was completely dissatisfied with the food experience. I think something changed over the years and not in a good way. They only serve craft beer, which is a minus in my opinion, but the most dissatisfying aspect is the food.

I ordered pizza and it arrived cold at the table. The crust was dry, nothing on it was tasty, I almost dropped 20 grams of salt on it just to bring it to life. I also ordered a spicy sause which was also tasteless and didn't do much to the pizza. The ingredients were average at most, what used to be the best, one of the best in town.
My friend ordered a burger, and what used to be mind-blowingly good, now it is just bland. But what was worst was that the bun must have been 3 days old because it broke into tiny crumbly pieces.
They probably specialized on main meat dishes now, but I haven't tried those to share my opinion.

This used to be one of my favorite places to go out and eat in the evenings with friends over a beer, but I probably won't be going there again.

Very disappointed. :(
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Mihai Zoican
18 iulie 2018 23:27

It's a decent place in a very central and nice part of the city. The burgers are quite small compared to other restaurants but they are good nevertheless. My girlfriend's father had marrow right off the split bone as a starter and I found this option to be pretty rare throughout the menus I've read. It's happened to me that if it starts raining, they waiter refuses to serve drinks for customers who would like to sit outside. That is why I rate it 4/5 stars.
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