Colin's Gastro Pub

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Strada Cardinal Iuliu Hossu 30-32, Cluj
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După călătoria sa în jurul lumii, Colin și-a desăvârșit gusturile și le-a aplicat în meniul unuia din cele mai fanteziste locuri din oraș!

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 01:00


Păreri despre "Colin's Gastro Pub"

Alexandru Voica
16 august 2019 17:33

Service is less than desirable. Food is less than mediocre. Prices are too high compared to the quality of the meals.

Seeing as this "food joint" (couldn't find a better term without insulting the decency of what other synonyms can represent) is located next to other objectively better restaurants, I will steer clear of this one and I advise other people to do the same.
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Waylander huehue
15 iulie 2019 16:42

Is a pretty good pub where you can sit outside and smoke. Usually serves beer and has some good beer, but the service was totally uninterested when i went today, compared to other times. Its a good pub but it can be better. But i still recommend it.
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Vlad Haidu
12 august 2019 18:51

Beautiful terrace, lot of craft beers 👍🍺, pizza ok, sweet things are 🥳. Staff friendly. Great place.
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Renata Sas
3 iulie 2019 08:49

Food is good. Location is excellent.
Customer service could be better.

++ Pet friendly.
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Alex Vidrean
19 mai 2019 13:06

Really cool, modern, beautiful restaurant with a big and open terrance. However if you plan to stay outside make sure it won't rain because there are no umbrellas.

Very diverse selection of beers from different countries, so if you love beer or would like to try out some new flavors, this is a good place for you then.
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