Casa Vikingilor Hasdeu

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Strada Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu 70, Cluj
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Locul unde se mănâncă mult si bine...iar trifermentul si metoclopramidul sunt din partea casei !!!

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Adela Alexandru
24 februarie 2019 06:32

We went there because it's said it's non stop, we arrived at 4:30am and when we decided what to get at 4:45am and they said that they only serve soups. We ordered, and in less than an hour they said they were closing for cleaning. How's that non-stop?
Also we ordered cappuccino and we got hot chocolate and we were charged for bread which we didn't order and we didn't got. Was just added to the bill. My friends didn't want to complain so we just paid and left.
Anyway shouldn't be called a non stop place if you don't serve food all day and night long.
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Raluca Mihalache
3 aprilie 2019 01:12

Plenty of menu choices. Very good food. Big portions. Romanian traditional food. Affordable prices.
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Viorel Petre
27 decembrie 2018 21:06

Very poor cooked meal, i ordered a burger and it had fries but i was forced to buy extra fries, i do not know why. A burger from mcdonalds tastes better and it costs 5 lei not 40 lei, i am dissapointed by them.
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11 ianuarie 2019 19:06

Just wow. I love this restaurant now, I think it'll be the new first choice when wanting to dine out, I mean just look at this plateau 🤤🤤🤤🤤 highly recommend
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Andrei Dumitru Costin
6 decembrie 2018 21:27

Still a good place to eat, but the menu was so much better 6-7 years ago. Service could use improvement.
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