Casa Vikingilor Hasdeu

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Strada Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu 70, Cluj
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Locul unde se mănâncă mult si bine...iar trifermentul si metoclopramidul sunt din partea casei !!!

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Liam Mc
26 iulie 2019 19:22

Friend ordered a meat stew, half way through eating it, she found a long string piece of metal (possibly from a tin opener) in her food. We told the waitress, who just took the metal and threw it in the bin, didn't even apologise. Definitely won't be going there again.
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Emilian Cebuc
20 mai 2019 01:28

Had a phenomenal time there, really amazing prices for the food they have, and the selection is incredible, especially for the sharing platters. Staff are nice and helpful, as well as the overall interior decorations. Really disappointed by the music, they should've seriously had something actually viking-related, some epic sound track or something like that, it would've made it really immersive and perfect, that's the only reason why I just can't give it a full 5 star. But I'd be definitely coming back because the food is just amazing
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Alex Alexandru
16 iunie 2019 16:27

Sometimes good food and sometimes not so goid. Staff is good but I think they are not too many sometimes. Good for regular eating.
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Vlad Petrenciuc
22 iulie 2019 22:22

A bit pricey, but the food is good, and the staff is polite. The only problem is that durin the summer it gets quite hot inside.
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PurePoison Tm
27 iulie 2019 20:14

Good food in a cozy atmosphere.
A litle bit too hot inside, the ventilators was off
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