Casa Vikingilor Hasdeu

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Strada Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu 70, Cluj
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Locul unde se mănâncă mult si bine...iar trifermentul si metoclopramidul sunt din partea casei !!!

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Viorel Petre
27 decembrie 2018 21:06

Very poor cooked meal, i ordered a burger and it had fries but i was forced to buy extra fries, i do not know why. A burger from mcdonalds tastes better and it costs 5 lei not 40 lei, i am dissapointed by them.
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11 ianuarie 2019 19:06

Just wow. I love this restaurant now, I think it'll be the new first choice when wanting to dine out, I mean just look at this plateau 🤤🤤🤤🤤 highly recommend
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Andrei Dumitru Costin
6 decembrie 2018 21:27

Still a good place to eat, but the menu was so much better 6-7 years ago. Service could use improvement.
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bogdan man
6 ianuarie 2019 21:15

Great food, bigger then expected portions...and great food, again!
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Cristian Cristian
3 decembrie 2018 14:36

Nice and helpful staff, food quality around 3/5.
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