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Strada George Coșbuc 14, Cluj

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Viața este formată din alegerile pe care suntem liberi să le facem zilnic, clipă de clipă, iar ele dau naștere realității noastre înconjurătoare.

Noi am ales bucătăria fusion pentru a putea trăi experiențele culinare în toate formele și punem pasiune în fiecare element cu care mintea, trupul și sufletul tău pot intra în contact.

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Solomon Bianca
9 ianuarie 2019 13:04

Wonderful location, right in the park, I was there in late spring, so we stayed outside. The food is delicious, although it might be a bit overpriced(which is quite understandable).
The only thing that I have to object to is that, even though we were among the first clients of that day,(so the restaurant was not busy) we were forced to sit on a table close to the lake(maybe too close, regarding there is no protection against falling into the water, so by no fault of ours, a chair fell into the water :)) ) However, the staff was really proffessional and kind and told us it was no problem, but maybe this could be avoided if we were allowed to sit somewhere else
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Daniela Telehuz
4 ianuarie 2019 16:10

Large portions at great price, very cozy atmosphere.
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16 septembrie 2018 18:14

Great food, customer service and location. Recommend the chicken pasta. The draft Guinness could be better tho.
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Helga Paulger
12 mai 2018 12:08

There is only outside seating but the terrace is beautiful and the location is really nice, in the park, by the lake. However food and service are poor. The few times I've been there I was disappointed.
A few examples of poor service.
When we arrived, the hostess didn't see our reservation so she just assumed we didn't have one. Then a colleague came and found it in a few seconds. If the second hostess wouldn't have come we would have had to go somewhere else.
A waiter asked if they could help with the wine menu, but when asked for a recommendation they said to order whatever we want. When asked if they have Hugo, they said they could make it and later when we told them it doesn't taste good and if they could bring something else, they said only if we pay for something else.
One of the waiters told some women at another table to be less pretentious.
I would recommend improving their service and helping the customers have an enjoyable experience.
Anyway, there are many other nice restaurants/terraces in Cluj with excellent food and service, so it's not worth to bother with this one.
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Oana Tosa
22 septembrie 2018 00:49

Nice ambiance, nice design, nice setting. But terribly slow and bored staff, not welcoming whatsoever. Even had an issue with some cuttlery with lipstick on, no, not my own lipstick. Go for the ambiance but don't plan it as a place for quick coffee.
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