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Strada George Coșbuc 14, Cluj
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Viața este formată din alegerile pe care suntem liberi să le facem zilnic, clipă de clipă, iar ele dau naștere realității noastre înconjurătoare.

Noi am ales bucătăria fusion pentru a putea trăi experiențele culinare în toate formele și punem pasiune în fiecare element cu care mintea, trupul și sufletul tău pot intra în contact.

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4,2 / 12 voturi
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M Marius
18 noiembrie 2019 11:46 Rezervat în data de 17 noiembrie 2019

M Mircea
7 septembrie 2019 16:32 Rezervat în data de 7 septembrie 2019

S Silvia
5 septembrie 2019 01:18 Rezervat în data de 4 septembrie 2019

A Ana
26 august 2019 14:40 Rezervat în data de 25 august 2019

G Gabriel
10 iulie 2019 00:41 Rezervat în data de 9 iulie 2019

Nu s-a ținut cont de rezervarea pe terasa, când am ajuns la locație am fost informați că nu vom putea sta pe terasa. A fost nevoie sa anulam rezervarea.

J Jb
8 iulie 2019 15:06 Rezervat în data de 8 iulie 2019

I Istvan
30 iunie 2019 10:05 Rezervat în data de 29 iunie 2019

A Adrian
10 iunie 2019 08:08 Rezervat în data de 9 iunie 2019

A Alexandru
1 noiembrie 2018 19:17 Rezervat în data de 1 noiembrie 2018

R Raluca
29 octombrie 2018 16:13 Rezervat în data de 26 octombrie 2018

A Adela
23 august 2018 11:10 Rezervat în data de 21 august 2018

A Anca
26 iunie 2018 21:34 Rezervat în data de 26 iunie 2018

15 noiembrie 2019 15:20

The place is very nicely placed on the central park lake, it's cozy, modern and with a great view. The food selection is great and everything that I tasted was amazing.
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9 noiembrie 2019 12:06

Staff quality is great,the music hearing in the background was satisfying,the prices were acceptable, but I ordered a beef burger with some chips. The chips were great but the burger didn't really taste like beef. Otherwise it was great.
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7 decembrie 2019 22:06

Excellent meal served in their very relaxing garden. Photos on instagram rjontouruk.
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22 august 2019 17:17

Worst service vs expectations. Been there during Untold festival while it was fairly crowded. After being seated, it took the waitress 1h and 20 mins to bring us the first course while the drinks were brought in 3 steps and the second bottle of wine the second time we asked for it. All the head waiter managed to reply visibly frustrated by my observations was 'what was I expecting during the festival? Couldn't I see they are very busy? What is he supposed to do?' Couldn't care less about the way we were spending our time and money in a place that has such a bad management to be able to hire and pay him. Will avoid the restaurant in the future abd will strongly suggest to do the same anyone who asks about it. There are so many nice places around with good food employing people that are really trying to make you enjoy your time in their restaurant that this particular place really doesn't worth it.
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21 martie 2019 20:07

Had the stuffed chicken and chocolate cake. Chicken was good but not stuffed so a bit disappointing. Cake was good. Not too sweet with dense chocolate flavor. Service was good. Would come again.
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