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Cabinet de Vin & Cocotte

4,7 / 6 voturi
Bulevardul Eroilor 5, Cluj
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Cabinet de Vin & Cocotte este un restaurant elegant situat în inima orașului Cluj-Napoca. Simțurile tale vor fi încântați de o eleganță simplă, un meniu cu preparate delicioase și o listă de vinuri cu o varietate bine aleasă.
Oaspeții sunt bineveniți să se bucure de bucătăria contemporană, ospitalitatea și serviciile de neegalat!

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4,7 / 6 voturi
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9 decembrie 2019 23:13

This place is a real gem in this city! The decor is stunning the staff is kind and efficient! They have a great selection of wine, and push forward some amazing products! Local wine which is something to try!
The food is outstanding! Presented in an original matter and cooked to perfection! You can feel the effort and hard work that goes into everything! All is made from scratch and it shows !
Not only is this a must! It’s a must NOW! On of the best I’ve tried in the whole region of Transylvania!
Wether you are with friend, family or business,
You won’t regret coming here!
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17 februarie 2020 02:06

Amazing gem in the heart of Cluj!

If you are a foodie or just simply looking to recreate a memorable culinary experience from some of the exquisite restaurants in Paris, Montreal, New York or San Francisco, look no further. Cabinet de Vin&Cocotte delivers beyond expectations with a variety of dishes perfectly crafted and guaranteed to delight the most discerning palate.

The wagyu beef, cooked medium rare, simply melted in my mouth.
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25 februarie 2020 13:54

Upscale, yet pricey, restaurant, with delicious meals and a very cosy atmosphere. Menu size is normal for a place that values quality over quantity.
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5 decembrie 2019 21:44

I walked around the city centre trying to find a nice place to eat and saw this beautiful restaurant. Actually it's beauty captured me, but it's very good rating drew me inside.

And then it suprised me moment after moment. The interior is amazing, the service is charming and very attentive and the wine is great. I would habe wished for a few more open wines, but it was very good already.

And then the food started.
First course foie gras - so amazing I was already worried about to strong a start that couldn't be kept up. But they kept delivering.
Second course porc with polenta - great, great pork and the best polenta I have had in ages.
Third course - a desert in form of an apple. Had that in Paris with the famous Cedric Golet - this was even better. Beautifully crafted and very tasteful.

Thank you for this amazing evening. :-)
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5 ianuarie 2020 15:37

One of the best dining rooms in Cluj-Napoca, and a favourite of mine!
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