Piața Unirii 15, Cluj
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Traieste experienta Bujole cu toate simturile. Paseste in sufrageria celui mai bun prieten si simte-te ca acasa. Ocupa loc la masa si savureaza o cafea de origine unica, un preparat culinar cu arome autentice sau un vin de soi. Intra in dialog cu echipa noastra si lasa-te fascinat de povestea acestui loc unic.

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Păreri despre "Bujole"

Adina Marian
10 iulie 2019 16:41

I went several times to Bujole and I really like the place! It has a very nice decor and is very cozy, chill atmosphere with french music in the background. It is a bit small, with few tables so for morning coffee or sometimes for dinner it will be full!
The serving is perfect, very nice and friendly staff. The food is delicious, I recommend for dessert the pear cheesecake (had it two times). The prices are on the high side.
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Diana Tudoreanu
19 iulie 2019 10:57

Lovely place for breakfast! The coffee is great and I highly recommend the eggs Benedict. The service was fast and the staff is very friendly.
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Chow Chow Pudding
23 mai 2019 22:32

Excellent restaurant with nice menu and good service. The overall impression exceeded our expectations. We spent more than three hours in the restaurant due to weather conditions. So we had enough time to serve soups, main course and my son chose dessert as well. Both soups were very good and the presentation was unexpected. In my case it was onion soup with pizza dough covered and looked like a mushroom. The dough was crunchy with very intense flour of parmesan. My son took pheasant soup, he was really impressed by taste. Main courses were good, but the maximum score goes to dessert. It was cheesecake with flamboyant pear. I have to mention that my son likes to taste the same dishes in different places of the world, so cheesecake is on his must list. He said that the taste and consistency were the best. Also I really appreciate the variety of coffees, I’ve noticed that they serve cold brew coffee. Bartender told me that they are the owners of roasters for coffee.
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Liana Machado
12 august 2019 22:18

Good food. Nice settling. Try the gorgonzola. A non-smoking portion of the outdoor eating area would be much appreciated.
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Marius Crisan
15 iulie 2019 19:09

Great location and friendly staff.

However, the food was below average and there were plenty of flies in the restaurant and some circling our food :-|

I ordered the chicken dish with chickpeas. The chicken was dry and overcooked. The chickpeas puré was very watery.

On the other side they serve some really good coffee ☕ 🙂
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