Piața Unirii 15, Cluj

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Traieste experienta Bujole cu toate simturile. Paseste in sufrageria celui mai bun prieten si simte-te ca acasa. Ocupa loc la masa si savureaza o cafea de origine unica, un preparat culinar cu arome autentice sau un vin de soi. Intra in dialog cu echipa noastra si lasa-te fascinat de povestea acestui loc unic.

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Luni - Vineri
08:00 - 23:00
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Păreri despre "Bujole"

Jess Gillett
27 februarie 2018 23:03

This place was great! Really reasonably priced, delicious food with great service. The waitress helped us pick a wine and was very knowledgeable. Definitely worth a visit.
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David Ivanciuc
25 ianuarie 2018 22:07

Food was nice, but what i liked the most was the service and where the place is located. The food menu has few choices but there are some recipes which are of french descent. What i did not enjoy was the fact that the place is small, a lot of cramped tables; so the place is pretty crowded.. especially if you are eating...overall the place looks really nice and the table service was great!
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26 ianuarie 2018 16:25

I went there with my family expecting to have nice coffee and time. I asked for americano and hot milk on the side. They said they can't serve milk. Instead they suggested me cappuccino!!! We had a little discussion about it. They are literally telling you how you should drink your coffee!! We choose this place according to Google reviews and obviously no one bother to mention how 'sensitive' this place is about their coffee. After a while they managed to serve me an espresso which tasted like mud! They are bragging about how special their coffee but it's not the case. Don't go there if you are a real coffee enthusiast, you ll be mad and disappointed.
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Sour Lows
25 februarie 2018 18:22

If you're looking for a place with good food, good service, good drinks and awesome coffee, well Bujole is a good option for you. That's "good" 4 times mentioned. oh wait 5.
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Claudia Dinu
31 ianuarie 2018 14:20

Cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. We ate duck leg confiture with mashed potatoes and some pasta with truffles. The duck was excellent, well done and very tasty. Decent prices and central location.
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