Piața Unirii 15, Cluj

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Traieste experienta Bujole cu toate simturile. Paseste in sufrageria celui mai bun prieten si simte-te ca acasa. Ocupa loc la masa si savureaza o cafea de origine unica, un preparat culinar cu arome autentice sau un vin de soi. Intra in dialog cu echipa noastra si lasa-te fascinat de povestea acestui loc unic.

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Luni - Vineri
08:00 - 23:00
09:00 - 23:00
10:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Bujole"

Floriana Cenan
1 iulie 2018 19:10

The drinks and food are great. However, I believe the prices are too high for the frozen food and the really tiny deserts. Staff is friendly, all except the doorman who is a really rude person. Maybe he had a bad day, I don't know. But the way he spoke to me as if I shouldn't be there was unacceptable. Also, for such a pricey place, I would expect some from of pest control. There were flies all over the place and it was really disturbing. As a suggestion, fire the doorman, hire a cook, barman and red-haired cheerful waitress deserve a medal.
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naama glauber
18 iunie 2018 19:47

Very nice place great service. Best almond milk (homemade)! Nice music. Highly recommended!
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Martin Witchard
21 mai 2018 15:14

A pleasant restaurant facing the main square. The meal was good and the service acceptable. Great spot for watching the World go by over a glass of wine and some food.
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Filimon Ruben
4 iunie 2018 08:51

One of my favourite places in town. They have amazing food.
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Jess Gillett
27 februarie 2018 23:03

This place was great! Really reasonably priced, delicious food with great service. The waitress helped us pick a wine and was very knowledgeable. Definitely worth a visit.
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