Piața Unirii 15, Cluj

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Traieste experienta Bujole cu toate simturile. Paseste in sufrageria celui mai bun prieten si simte-te ca acasa. Ocupa loc la masa si savureaza o cafea de origine unica, un preparat culinar cu arome autentice sau un vin de soi. Intra in dialog cu echipa noastra si lasa-te fascinat de povestea acestui loc unic.

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Luni - Vineri
08:00 - 23:00
09:00 - 23:00
10:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Bujole"

Madalina Pangrate
13 ianuarie 2019 11:16

One of the best places I’ve tried in Cluj. Even though at first the menu didn’t seem so appealing, I was amazed by the food taste and quality. The wine 🍷 also a pleasure and very well chosen for the menu. I totally recommend this place :)
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Cristian Miron
19 octombrie 2018 22:33

Great service, good food. Sergiu was very polite and welcoming, he helped us a lot. The food was delicious and it came fast even though the place was full. I love the menu, already planning to return here for breakfast.
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Thorsten Koch
9 decembrie 2018 20:39

Great place for coffee and breakfast. In the winter the wonderful Xmas market is just in front - so, a nice place to get worm after some ice skating.
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Vlad Danciu
19 septembrie 2018 15:50

Beautiful atmosphere, friendly staff. The coffee is one of the best, and the food is quite special. I encourage you to go in. Nice decorations and cozy place. I always feel great when I go there.
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Daniela Telehuz
1 octombrie 2018 13:48

Love their pastas, adore their wines!!! The staff is friendly and polite and the view is amazing. Really cozy place ❤😍
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