Bistro Suete

Preț Moderat
1 Decembrie 1918 90, Cluj

Bistro Suete

Preț Moderat
1 Decembrie 1918 90, Cluj
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Va asteptam la restaurantul Bistro Suete sa serviti o bere rece pe terasa si sa incercati preparatele bucatariei si a pizzeriei intr-o atmosfera placuta.

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26 octombrie 2020 20:03

I went here to try the Pizza. It was highly recommended by a Italian friend. To be honest he was right. The pizza is very good. Take this review just for pizza, I didn't try the other products in the menu.
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2 octombrie 2020 15:28

Best pizza in Cluj (coming from a pizza lover). The waitresses (and waiter) are very nice and fast, friendly and attentive. Also, the deserts are great, the coffee not only tastes good but it’s served in a nice location with nice people so... I totally recommend.
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19 octombrie 2020 14:09

Ordered twice so far and I definitely intend to do it again. The pizza is one of the best I had, and the staff is absolutely great. I'm really glad I found this place and it would probably be on the top 5 list of places I would recommend for pizza in Cluj-Napoca.
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6 noiembrie 2019 21:58

Have been several times. Food was good and service was prompt. Ordered the chicken kebabs with French fries and was well made. Fries could have been crispier. The garlic sauce was very good! Ordered the papanasi which come as a very large portion. I suggest sharing. They are very delicious! Overall a good place to eat. The patio is nice in the summer as it is fairly covered but still gets decent sun.
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14 iulie 2020 22:49

Good pizza, cosy place.
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