Bistro Suete

Preț Moderat
1 Decembrie 1918 90, Cluj

Bistro Suete

Preț Moderat
1 Decembrie 1918 90, Cluj
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Va asteptam la restaurantul Bistro Suete sa serviti o bere rece pe terasa si sa incercati preparatele bucatariei si a pizzeriei intr-o atmosfera placuta.

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10:00 - 23:00


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23 iulie 2021 19:46

The food was really nice, only some of the dishes were not in line with our orders. It took quite a long time to re-make the correct dish. The service for all the others was fine and swift!
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22 februarie 2022 23:33

Very nice staff, tasty food and big portions
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17 iulie 2022 19:57

Nice personnel, speaking english well. They do not have menus in english, however, google lens can solve this for you. No local beer on draft.
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17 mai 2022 12:06

I've waited about 2 hours for my food to come. The servers were very nice and welcoming. Food was good, but not good enough to justify the wait..
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26 octombrie 2020 20:03

I went here to try the Pizza. It was highly recommended by a Italian friend. To be honest he was right. The pizza is very good. Take this review just for pizza, I didn't try the other products in the menu.
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