A Camponeza

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Strada Emil Zola 2, Cluj
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Păreri despre "A Camponeza"

M Melinda
6 mai 2019 09:27 Rezervat în data de 4 mai 2019 prin ialoc.ro

Un spatiu in care toate sunt la superlativ.
Muzica ambientala si cea live accentueaza si mai mult unicitatea localului.

B Bogdan
21 martie 2019 10:38 Rezervat în data de 20 martie 2019 prin ialoc.ro

Mancare extraordinara servita rapid, muzica portugheza live si vinuri alese, o reteta perfecta pentru o seara reusita.

Mihai S
3 august 2019 20:21

Very polite waiter, very good music (Fado), tasteful food, delicious desert and a nice collection of wines. Wagyu beef, shrimps, and Brigaderios cake were perfect.
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Flavia Tuduce
16 aprilie 2019 21:11

Quite a nice place, decorated simply but with style. The food was served quite fast and the server was very good. She even knew what to recommend and good give specific information on what the items on the menu where.
We got the seafood plate mix, which had a bit of everything. It came with a few vegetables and 3 sauces. The shrimp were a bit overcooked and not devained. The squid though was really nicely cooked and very easy to eat. We paired the food with some white wine.
I really appreciated that the server brought me to taste some of the Green Wine they have, after I inquired about what it was, even though I had ordered the white wine. I believe it was quite a nice gesture.
What we did not like were the desserts we tried, the Lemon Pie and Chocolate Cake. They were both too damn sweet.
Overall, this was a pretty good meal, especially since you can't really find good seafood in Cluj. It is a bit pricey, 86 RON (18€) for one seafood plate mix, 24 RON (5€) for a glass of wine but it is worth it from time to time, for actual good and tasty seafood.
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Marius Perijoc
6 aprilie 2019 07:58

Not very impressed by the cooking, but they do have some interesting presentations for their products. It will be a good place to take your business contacts from out of town, and have the one time experience. That would probably be the only reason to go back.
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Tudor Moldovan
15 februarie 2019 17:50

A spectacular place with a genuine Portuguese cuisine and lots of class. Especially enjoyed the shrimps and the Porto wine. Must see!
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Catalin Roman
1 mai 2019 21:47

Great sea food, great live Fado music.
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