A Camponeza

Strada Emil Zola 2, Cluj

Preț Fine dining

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Luni - Sâmbătă
19:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "A Camponeza"

Mares Popa
19 februarie 2018 22:58

Excellent food, very friendly staff. A little bit pricey, but worth every penny.
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Alessandra Icardi
7 decembrie 2017 21:59

Very good meat cooked on stone!
Nice and characteristic location.
Kind and friendly staff.
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mihai homan
4 ianuarie 2018 20:10

Good sea food and wine selection, the side dish could be better, you get simple salad with potatoes and a small spoon of rice, besides sea food the other meat is not the best in town. Far to expensive for what it offers.
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silfaen silfean
22 ianuarie 2018 20:23

Pretty good sea food, pretty pricey too...
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George Giloan
22 decembrie 2017 08:27

I enjoyed eating at this place. Nice atmosphere, good food!
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