A Camponeza

Strada Emil Zola 2, Cluj

Preț Fine dining

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Luni - Sâmbătă
19:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "A Camponeza"

Malai Liliana
28 octombrie 2017 21:58

One of the best places in Cluj where you can eat seafood and drink Porto wine!
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Sebastian Lehene
28 septembrie 2017 22:06

Great service ! Amazing food, very professional staff ! 5 stars !
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ra coste
6 octombrie 2017 22:52

Not that good as per description. The place is really smelly and your clothes will have a meat fragrance. The food was blend and not so wow. The hook presentation is indeed interesting.
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Stylo Bic
13 august 2017 11:51

Very bad experience to the new restaurant str. Veliciu nr.63 (ex Fork & Cork).
Pata negra ham not so delicious and in a very small quantity. Stew sea food mix promoted as speciality of the house does not deserve the price paid. Lobster supposed to be fresh was too cook or frozen. The rest was ok but nothing that special.
Service was difficult with some useless beginners, also the waiter manager didn't succeed to serve us the main course in an hour.
For 120 EUR at 2 we expected way more.
Better to chose the skewer that we often eat to the main restaurant downtown.
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Sorin Marian
14 iunie 2017 16:25

Very fancy restaurant. Portugese specific. The meat comes on a hook which is hanging from the wall.

Altough everything looks good, the food I tried (all kinds of meats) was not very good.
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