4 Amici - Restaurant si Pizzerie [închis permanent]

Bulevardul Eroilor 25, Cluj
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Ia-ți prietenii și petrece alături de ei într-o atmosferă unică! Pastele și gama largă de Pizza fac deliciul clienților noștri iar colectivul profesionist și maieștrii bucătari aduc atmosfera italiană mai aproape de tine.

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Francisco Pérez Cervantes
31 martie 2017 16:59

Pizzerie with no pizza, after this I was going to order gnocchi but they were run out of gnocchi too. After 20 min we order 4 pasta dishes that took 30 min to be served (the restaurant had only 4 busy tables) and 4 beers, one of them was not cold.
Penne with vegetables were horrible, smash and cold, too much tomato sauce. After complaining the service did not apologize.

I have to say that I had been there before and it was the first time with such a disaster.
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T.A. Zdrite
19 septembrie 2016 18:22

Nice atmosphere but even though it wasn't too busy we had to wait a long time for the waiter to come by our table and then we didn't even get a greeting only a very informal "Decided yet?"
When it came to the food, we found two pieces of aluminium cheese wrapping inside our 5 year old's pasta and the only reason we found them was because he thought to spit 'the crunchy bits' out.
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Mihai-Gerardo Paolucci
1 decembrie 2016 23:17

The Pizza is one of the best (probably the best) around this Boulevard. Great atmosphere in the underground.
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MIHAI - C. Foiasi
16 martie 2018 20:19

Restaurant closed. Too bad because they had one of the best pizzas in town.
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Jason G
19 aprilie 2016 11:25

Decent pizza, friendly staff. There was a massive pile up of dirty glasses on the bar fit some reason. They could do a better job of cleaning that up. Wifi was kind of weak.
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