Zexe Sofia

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Sofia 1, Dorobanți, București

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Zexe este perceptia fonetica a romanului la pronuntarea numeralului german SECHS, adica sase.

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M Mihai
26 mai 2018 16:14 Rezervat în data de 26 mai 2018 prin ialoc.ro

MiioSMILE says: Thanks, guys! :) We will use it again! 5 stars!

Adina Ionescu
19 iulie 2018 20:57

Unfortunately we stopped here after a macaroons shopping combined with walking through Dorobanti area, indeed our outfit was casual not business or high priced. But this is not a reason to treat us as homeless people.
Very bad experience because we wanted to order some food from the menu and they replied: "sorry we are out" in the next 5 min some other folks ordered same thing as we wanted and of course for them there was a stock.
And to end the bad review the check of drinks - only thing we ordered - was with few drinks more than we actually drank.
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Magda Antone
1 august 2018 23:28

Very nice romanian food and good service! Better avoid the place around and during Easter, the service is quite bad.
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Vlad Azarkhin
27 mai 2018 23:08

Great and very unique food. Super friendly stuff. The best place I've eaten in in Bucharest.
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Alexandru Ene
22 iunie 2018 20:26

Very good service and the desserts menu is excelent! Autentic, non-fancy
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Melissa T
21 iulie 2018 16:38

Food is alright, but overpriced for portion size. They also charge for the table bread.
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