Zexe Sofia

4,6 / 18 voturi
Strada Sofia 1, Dorobanţi, București

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Zexe este perceptia fonetica a romanului la pronuntarea numeralului german SECHS, adica sase.

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D Dan
6 septembrie 2018 22:21 Rezervat în data de 6 septembrie 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Mâncarea foarte bună. Personal amabil și atent cu recomandările. Nota 10.

M Mihai
26 mai 2018 16:14 Rezervat în data de 26 mai 2018 prin ialoc.ro

MiioSMILE says: Thanks, guys! :) We will use it again! 5 stars!

Dragos Luca
31 august 2018 18:07

Outstanding culinary archeology. The owner did an excellent job sending his daughters to France. It's all about restaurant management and archaic meals elevation. Will definitely be in the near future a Michelin star ...
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Monica Ciobanu
25 august 2018 00:17

Good food, good wine. Nice atmosphere. But they overcharged us with bread and grilled vegetables and then they told us that the grilled vegetables were part of the food, which was suggested by them. When they suggested my food they did not mention anything about having additional costs.
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Óskar Hauksson
29 august 2018 12:56

Great experience. The waiter was great although we had to wait a bit for him. Food was authentic Romanian dishes and tasted great. For the class and experience it was worth the money.
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Mihai Preda
3 septembrie 2018 22:22

Good food at a reasonable price. They have many options from Romanian cuisine and it's a good place to try it. The location is good, in an old residential area, were most of the buodlings were villas.
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Balázs Horváth
8 octombrie 2018 22:06

Excellent Romanian food, great taste and a really nice experience to dive into Romania cuisine. Highly recommend it
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