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Strada General Candiano Popescu 1, Parcul Carol I, București

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Restaurant cu specific chinezesc. Mâncarea noastră este gătită de către bucătari chinezi. Vă invităm la masă!

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10:00 - 00:00


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Silvia Marinescu
17 mai 2018 23:08

Please don't even try to order food from here. Incredibly long delivery estimated time (2h? On a Thursday evening? Really?)and a weird way to calculate which delivery area you're in just so they can squeeze some extra lei. Just choose something different.
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Constantin Chirila
7 iulie 2018 08:30

Zao is one of our "go to" places for having lunch break ; seating is available inside and outside, meals are tasty and the atmosphere great.
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Mihai Preda
24 aprilie 2018 16:35

Of you like chinese food then you should try ZAO. The place is great, the service is a bit slow but I guess it was weekend. They have delivery witch is great if you buy for more than 100 RON, otherwise they don't deliver.
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Serban Simona
24 aprilie 2018 09:41

The food is tasty and the portions are big, but I don't think that the food is really authentic chineese, although the chefs are chinese.
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22 martie 2018 11:44

The staff is polite and good, but the food is not good...
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