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Strada General Candiano Popescu 1, Tineretului, București

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Restaurant cu specific chinezesc. Mâncarea noastră este gătită de către bucătari chinezi. Vă invităm la masă!

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S Silviu
17 februarie 2019 19:05 Rezervat în data de 17 februarie 2019 prin

Locatie ok.
Personal ok.
Mancare ok.
Pret ok.
O zi de duminica excelenta
Recomand !!

Oana Checiu
23 martie 2019 17:12

This is my go to Chinese restaurant in Bucharest. The meniu has a great variety and the food is very tasty. The interior is unique and the music so calm.
The prices are ok for this kind of food. I recommend it!
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Delia Emanuela Bebi
1 martie 2019 16:38

I would give less than a star if i could. Ordered my meal from them through Glovo app and the food was rotten, old, altered, whatever you like to call it. Started to feel very badly after eating, thank God, just a part of the lunchbox as i felt something wasnt right with the food. NEVER EVER TRY THEIR AWFUL FOOD AGAIN. Do not recommend, STAY AWAY From their garbage food🤢 yuck!!
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Paulina Salwowska
7 octombrie 2018 17:29

Although the food is good, I never feel comfortable there. I visited the place 4 times each time hoping for better service, but it just won't improve. You need to wait for a long time to get the waiter's attention, then part of your order is missing, when you ask for example for the portion of rice which you had ordered, you get it when you already finished your meal... if you dont mind bad service, go and try the food. However, if you hope for a pleasant going out, try a different place.
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30 ianuarie 2019 18:36

Master chef Peng (Ben) brings this place to life. Good food and nice atmosphere.
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Alisa Baragan
2 martie 2019 15:47

Good value good good good staff:)
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