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Zao nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Preț Moderat
Strada General Candiano Popescu 1, Carol, București


4,8 / 10 voturi
Preț Moderat
Strada General Candiano Popescu 1, Carol, București
Zao nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Restaurant cu specific chinezesc. Mâncarea noastră este gătită de către bucătari chinezi. Vă invităm la masă!

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4,8 / 10 voturi
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S Silviu
17 februarie 2019 19:05 Rezervat în data de 17 februarie 2019

Locatie ok.
Personal ok.
Mancare ok.
Pret ok.
O zi de duminica excelenta
Recomand !!

A Andrada
26 ianuarie 2019 12:35 Rezervat în data de 25 ianuarie 2019

A Ariadna
8 septembrie 2018 17:55 Rezervat în data de 7 septembrie 2018

P Petr
29 iunie 2018 17:51 Rezervat în data de 29 iunie 2018

M Marius
17 iunie 2018 15:32 Rezervat în data de 17 iunie 2018

A Alexandru
29 mai 2018 01:09 Rezervat în data de 23 mai 2018

D Dan
18 noiembrie 2017 23:10 Rezervat în data de 18 noiembrie 2017

S Sorin
26 octombrie 2017 23:30 Rezervat în data de 26 octombrie 2017

L Lucia
14 mai 2017 09:03 Rezervat în data de 12 mai 2017

S Sandra
16 octombrie 2016 09:53 Rezervat în data de 14 octombrie 2016

10 octombrie 2022 20:41

The restaurant is nicely decorated and it is not an original Chinese restaurant as the menu and taste might be catered to western eaters.

I have ordered YuXiangNiuRou (Fish taste styled beef) and Yangzhou fried rice. The beef tastes good and the portion is generous.

However the fried rice (which costs 15 Lei/€3) is a real disappointment. The fried rice is pre-cooked and looked raw (well, maybe it is dried since it is left out for long). The seasoning is almost none. Tasteless. The ham is just poured on top as topping instead of fried together with the rice. Let the photos be the judge :) After complaint, the Chinese chef came out and apologised. However, the cashier and waiters seemed a bit cold/feelingless, almost having no reaction towards the complaint.

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18 august 2022 23:59

A wide variety of food options, resonable prices and decent Chinese food. Overall a good place to enjoy Asian food near Carol park. Deserts were tasty, too
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10 decembrie 2022 23:51

Really nice place! Good food, good service! Excellent!
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3 iulie 2022 12:00

Very nice restaurant and the portion is very good. Lot of choices and the menu is very visual, it helps to choose
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6 decembrie 2022 20:33

Even though my ex-lover took me here for the first time for his birthday (V, if you see this, I'm over you babe 😚), I really love this place and I keep coming back again and even recommended it to others. Love the design of the restaurant, the food is very tasty, they have good vegetarian options and the portions are actually big. One dish is even enough to feel your belly is full. But I always order more than one dish, because my favourite one is the fried corn 🌽, the Golden sand as they call it, combined with either the garlic fries or the noodles. Prices are good too.
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