White Lion

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Lujerului 40, Timişoara, București

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L Lucian
2 decembrie 2017 09:55 Rezervat în data de 1 decembrie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Servire f. buna, mancarea f. buna, atmosfera placuta ! Recomand

Andra Gabriela
1 noiembrie 2018 22:09

The food and cocktails are great. The menu is pretty varied. The only downside for me it's the loud noise, but on the other hand that is also part of the charm of this place. I would recommended it for going out with a group.
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Marius Catalin Stoiculescu
10 noiembrie 2018 10:50

The food is ok but what I like the most is that they have some great beer.
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Funieru Bogdan
24 septembrie 2018 20:04

Decent burgers, had better. They have a decent collection of beers. The toilets need some TLC
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Radu Marinescu
25 octombrie 2018 21:11

Very delicious food, huge portions not like those stupid expensive restaurants where you get 30 grams of chicken and a leaf of rucola, so many types of imported beer (Honey Thief is my recommendation), and extremely good cheeseburgerz. 5 stars!
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Stelian Niculescu
2 septembrie 2018 16:53

Best beer selection in the west districts. Good urban food, prices are close to the historical center ones but for similar quality and better service.
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