Constantin D. Stahi 2, Plevnei, București

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Restaurantul Tulin ocupă o frumoasă vilă dintr-un cartier elegant al Capitalei. La doi paşi de Universitate, Casa Poporului sau Sala Palatului, chiar peste drum de încântătorul parc Cişmigiu, Tulin este locul ideal pentru a descoperi minunatul farmec al bucătăriei tradiţionale libaneze.

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Andreea Odangiu
9 februarie 2018 16:06

Food is decent; some dishes are better than others, servings are quite big. Out of the 4 dishes I've tried, there's only one I really liked.
The service is pretty lousy; our waiter kept insisting to take our order even though we told him we needed more time, and was visibly annoyed we weren't ordering faster. He cleared our plates without asking if we were finished, and he brought our check without being asked. It was clear they were kicking us out because we were the last customers and they were desperate to close down the place (although it wasn't even 10pm yet).
I wouldn't recommend, and probably won't return.
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Vlad Laslau
7 octombrie 2017 21:41

This is one of the best Lebanese restaurants in town, we'll be happy to come here again.

The building is nice and the restaurant is pretty big, with multiple rooms on several floors. The decor is simple but pleasant, yet the music could have been better. Overall, it scores 3/5 for AMBIENCE.

The staff and the service could be slightly improved, as we have waited a long time for our order to arrive (around half an hour), and afterwards we felt we were a bit rushed. Again, SERVICE gets an 3/5 score.

But the food compensates for these small drawbacks. We were a group of four and ordered several appetizers and several main courses, so we got the chance to try at least 7-8 different dishes. All of them were excellent, felt authentic, and the size of one portion is just about right. Therefore, FOOD gets 5/5 score.

If you are not necessarily a Lebanese food lover, I recommend you try this place, you might enjoy it. If however you love Lebanese food, this place is a must for you to try!
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Alexandru Marton
24 ianuarie 2018 08:54

Great food and nice atmosphere. I would definitely recommend Tulin if you like Oriental food.
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Razvan Balan
30 ianuarie 2018 09:21

The food was good. Beef ras afur was excellent
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Costin Vaireanu
21 octombrie 2017 16:25

I've been here twice, once in a small party, the second time with my small family of 15 people. The service was excellent, and the food really tasty.
For example the waiter recommends the best wine ( not the most expensive one)
I highly recommend the traditional milk honey and fistic desert.
I will return to this restaurant with pleasure.
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