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Constantin D. Stahi 2, Romană, București

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Restaurantul Tulin ocupă o frumoasă vilă dintr-un cartier elegant al Capitalei. La doi paşi de Universitate, Casa Poporului sau Sala Palatului, chiar peste drum de încântătorul parc Cişmigiu, Tulin este locul ideal pentru a descoperi minunatul farmec al bucătăriei tradiţionale libaneze.

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M Mirela
25 august 2018 16:51 Rezervat în data de 24 august 2018 prin ialoc.ro

O locație frumoasă, mâncare bună. Locurile de pe terasă însă, puțin cam aglomerate.

D Denisa
21 mai 2018 08:40 Rezervat în data de 20 mai 2018 prin ialoc.ro

Un loc foarte placut intr-o zona linistita langa Cismigiu. Localul arata foarte bine iar terasa pe acoperis e superba..un fel de Sky Bar. Mancarea foarte buna, se simtea totul facut proaspat. Recomandam sa aiba si vin la pahar.

Silviu Dan Tanasie
22 martie 2019 22:49

The setting is decent, though not outstanding. It is, however, rather intimate so it's a good place to bring a date. The food is good, nothing to complain about, though you can eat similar quality food for less if you know the right places. The service was prompt and helpful. Overall it's a middle tier restaurant, great if you are on a date.
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23 aprilie 2019 01:11

A decent restaurant set across two floors with some English spoken. There is an English menu with a choke of vegetarian options available should you be inclined. If you're situated upstairs you get the privilege of ringing a remote doorbell located at your table to get a waitress's attention.

Unfortunately, the waitress we had wasn't very forthcoming with explaining what ingredients were included in a 'mixt salad'. Stating that it's probably the same as mixed salads elsewhere doesn't instill a lot of confidence, hence the deduction of a star. Nevertheless, the food was nice, particularly the falafel which were crispy - if the chef had included some hummus with this serving it'd be the perfect dish.

Overall, this place is decent enough if you're going out of your way to get a middle eastern flavour in Bucharest.
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Lascu Adrian
18 martie 2019 11:58

I was traveling through Bucharest with bussiness and was staying at an Airbnb close buy so i decided to try something new. Google search sent me here and i loved it. The food is delicious. Staff were nice and attentive and the place was quiet just like i like it. Great selection of food and drinks. I can say this is a good place to eat.
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Diana Barascu
24 februarie 2019 20:45

Great food. Might be difficult to find a parking spot. Service was ok. Will definitely return in the future.
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Sabina Marinescu
2 decembrie 2018 12:51

Simply love this place. The best lebanese food in town! Good service, very nice location and excellent food! We come back frequently.
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