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Preț Moderat
Stirbei Voda 104-106, Știrbei, București
Preț Moderat
Stirbei Voda 104-106, Știrbei, București
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We will offer you the Owl right place to step into the Bucharest atmosphere. Start your evening with a spicy flavorful cocktail and then discover the stories around you. You will not be disappointed because we are Owl-rageous!

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Zona Centrală a Bucureștiului are viață în ea, nu glumă, reprezentând o confluență de oameni și experiențe cum nu s-au mai văzut de la Manuc încoace, iar proprietarii de business-uri se înghesuie să le facă tuturor cele mai aprige pofte.

Cumpără de la tine din cartier
Cumpără de la tine din cartier.

Cumpără din Bucureștiul Întreprinzător.


Marți - Duminică
16:00 - 22:00


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4,3 / 3 voturi
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A Alexandra
26 septembrie 2020 22:05 Rezervat în data de 26 septembrie 2020

A Alice
19 septembrie 2020 23:52 Rezervat în data de 19 septembrie 2020

O Oana
17 septembrie 2020 14:32 Rezervat în data de 16 septembrie 2020

27 iunie 2020 17:23

An interesting concept for Romania - there is no fixed menu, but instead you can order anything and they will make it for you. Great service and good bar snacks. They also prepared several drinks in uniquely shaped glasses which was a cool talking point in the group.

I am not sure how they calculate the price, but it's expensive for even Bucharest. I am looking forward to returning, but maybe not every night.
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26 iulie 2020 11:48

Cute location, friendly and helpful staff, very good drinks - they don’t have menus, you just tell them what you’d like in your cocktail (liquor, flavour) and they mix something up for you. Have tried some gin-based cocktails and they were very good. And they also have some fun cocktail glasses :)
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20 august 2020 15:36

The guy that served us the drinks was nice, but the drinks itself were average. And now... about the prices... way too high!! I m sorry, but almost 300 for 3 cocktails?? It s just a random bar in Bucharest. What exactly am I paying for? The fact that they don t have menus and they pretend that s a new concept it s just a way of basically stealing your money.
Don t go! There are a lot of nicer places in the city! You walk 100 m and there are some really cool restaurants, just avoid this one!
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6 septembrie 2020 13:02

The cost of their cocktails are way too expensive and the problem is you don’t even know from the beginning at least what to expect. Yeah if the receipt is not that height sure it’s a nice surprise but come on I understand they make prices based on how they see you and of course we live hard times. If I will ever go again I will surely ask first how much this time it’s the cost 😏
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9 august 2020 22:33

Very nice venue and people, but I just left half of my rent there for just 2 drinks😶
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