Trattoria Vivaldi

Intrarea Silistraru 10-12, Militari, București

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Savoarea, gustul și aroma mâncărurilor preparate de maeștrii noștri bucătari vă vor trimite într-o călătorie în
“Anotimpurile” vivaldiene.

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Achim Alin-Ion
5 mai 2018 11:48

The place serves as a cafeteria for the small hotel nearby. It has both indoor and outdoor seats, unfortunately the vista is not great because of the location. The place is Italian themed, with artisan-like painted murals and wine racks. They serve daily menu, as well as a decent selection of Roumanian and international dishes. The pizza is awesome here! The beverages selection is decent too. The waiters are polite and they are eager to accomodate larger groups needs. During lunch hours, it is recommended to place a reservation for such groups.
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Andrei Măguleanu
13 aprilie 2018 19:58

Quiet, cozy place with a good food selection. The food is very tasty, and the staff is great!
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Adrian Luca
13 iunie 2018 20:36

Good food but the service can be improved!
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Flaviu Gherdan
3 iulie 2018 10:23

Food was ok, the beer wasn't chilled and they close early.
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Augustin Pegulescu
30 iulie 2018 16:44

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