Trattoria Buongiorno

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Stavropoleos 8, Centrul Vechi, București
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Te asteptam impreuna cu prietenii sau familia la unul din restaurantele noastre pentru a savura cea mai gustoasa pizza pe vatra, pentru a simti adevaratele arome ale Italiei prin preparate atent gatite si pentru a petrece in compania noastra momente cu adevarat pline de gust!

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Păreri despre "Trattoria Buongiorno"

Florian Georgescu
23 iunie 2019 17:49

We ended up in the trattoria on a late Saturday evening since everything was booked. The service was fast and given the high number of guests, they did everything they could. There is still room for a lot of improvement.
The food was...extremely salty. I love Italian food but the dishes here were mediocre.
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Zidaru Ana
26 aprilie 2019 20:06

Love their chain of restaurants, I tried several dishes from them from pasta to soup and pizza and they are really consistent. The food is really tasty and full of flavour. However the prices went up a bit (not a big issue though) and the restaurant smelled a little weird last time I ate there, so I have to give them 4 stars. I will definitely eat there again and hopefully I will update my review with a five star rating!
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Victor Iriciuc
2 iulie 2019 17:22

Great place...good for a cool-off during summer, they have AC inside. The food is excellent. You can have a happy hour menu from 12:00 to 18:00, with different dishes from City Grill or Caru' cu bere, for just about 6€.
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Alexandra Ciutureanu
25 iulie 2019 19:53

Very good food, great atmosphere 🤩
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Dragos Stanescu
1 iulie 2019 19:29

I have ordered two dishes of tagliatelle with extra parmeggiano topping. There was no extra parmeggiano topping on either of the two dishes. Both dishes had a blunt taste (poor seasoning) and the sauce was missing. A lot of pasta and very few frutti di mare for a 12$ dish - tagliatelle con frutti di mare (3 shrimps, 4 clams, 3-4 bites of small octopus and a few rings of calamari - squid). High prices for blunt, unseasoned, ordinary, unbalanced dishes. Not recomended.
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