Trattoria Buongiorno

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C.A. Rosetti 13, Romană, București

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Locul care aduce în mijlocul Bucureștiului un pic din Italia.
Dacă nu știi unde și cum poți avea o cină romantică, noi îți dăm ideea: Vino să te îndrăgostești la Buongiorno! O cină la lumina lumânărilor, muzică bună, un vin ales din Toscana și fructe de mare atent pregătite, iar la sfârșit, nelipsitul Tiramisu și… două lingurițe.

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razvan carbunaru
23 septembrie 2018 19:57

Once we arrived, we've been led to the table by a kind lady. No waiter came to us for the next moments, but we've been announcing our presence to one was passing by. Kind and polite, told us is a crowded evening and would be better to order drinks and food in the same time. Excellent advice! According to many others bars and estaurants, Trattoria Buongiorno is above many of them. Yes, maybe they have problems with lack of waiters but this is something often found in Bucharest's restaurants. So, in the end we appreciated: tasty food, staff's kindness and courtesy, excellent location.
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2 octombrie 2018 20:16

I've always enjoyed eating there. Many dishes are amazing but their pasta is close to my heart (and I respect a lot a good dish of pasta).
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Maor Aviad
12 iunie 2018 13:49

They have an unforetable salad, so simple but yet so tasty. The serve great breakfast, you can choose what you want with your eggs. The Pizza was also very good, they make it on stones. the entire place is very big. it's also good for kids. The coffee was just like I love it. the service was 5 stars, very fast compared to other Romanian restaurants.
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Ioana Iordan
4 august 2018 18:20

Quiet atmosphere and good serving, however a bit too pricey for the food they serve.
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element 2990
3 iunie 2018 11:36

This location is very nice, by the fact that it has also a pretty large garden for the summer days. The interior is pretty impressive with the columns and very high rooms. The food is more than decent and the stuff is pretty cool.
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