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Simplitate, calitate, gust și voie bună, la Restaurantul TRACIA toate sunt din belșug! Sperăm că Restaurantul TRACIA se va dovedi pe placul Dumneavoastră și vă va determina să reveniți ori de cate ori aveți ocazia.

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Roman Vasilascu
19 decembrie 2017 11:37

I was with a group of foreigners and everyone seemed to have liked the traditional food and drinks. The prices were pretty decent as well. There was some live music which we found a bit too much / loud at times.
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Sorin B
4 octombrie 2017 00:23

A total disappointment. Good prices but food is way below average and tasted like it was stored in the fridge for several days. I've ordered beans with sausages and found 2 small stones in it. Luckily I didn't broke any tooth. As desert I had a caramel cheesecake that was tasting/looking past the expiration date and it was the worst I ever had. I told the waiter about the 2 stones I found and he had no reaction, no apologies, literally said nothing. Drinks were OK.
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Andreea Florescu
29 august 2017 18:44

Two times in a row they added something to our check that we did not ordered! The worst customer service ever, you will have to wait half an hour for a beer. We complained about things added to our check and they did nothing about it. Don't go there!
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Stefan Simionescu
7 iulie 2017 13:52

Terrible service! One of the worst I've ever seen. I came here more times and every time there were problems. Slow coming food, rude service, high prices.
I suggest you to avoid this place!
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Emanuela Moldovan
8 iulie 2017 23:52

The place is nice, the food is romanian traditional and very good also the prices are very accessible. Loved it!
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