Cetatea Berarilor

4,4 / 4 voturi
Bulevardul Camil Ressu 41, Titan, București

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Pub - Restaurant - Terasa - alternativa barurilor din centru vechi la tine in cartier!

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Valeriu Gardin
24 martie 2019 17:10

The place is nice but the average serving time for a bottled beer/soda is about 20 minutes. Good food, not so good services.
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Ramona Oana
7 aprilie 2019 22:36

Nice staff! Great atmosphere! 🙂😏
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Matei Iucha
2 aprilie 2019 00:04

Cozy place. Good food, pleasant serving!
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Vlad Motoiu
19 februarie 2019 15:16

Decent place to go and drink. Noisy place, especially at night. Pub food (burgers, pizza, etc.) but not that great. Overall great value for money.
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Alexandru I. Cotiac
13 ianuarie 2019 10:15

The food is good, the prices are good, but the service...lets say they are slow. After you order everithing is brought to you in due time, the problem is to find someone to take your order. There comes the chalange.
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