Cetatea Berarilor

Bulevardul Camil Ressu 41, Titan - Balta Albă, București

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Pub - Restaurant - Terasa - alternativa barurilor din centru vechi la tine in cartier!

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Costin Vaireanu
24 noiembrie 2017 21:21

Best beer in Bucharest! I highly recommend the crispy chicken and the "mititei".
Lovely and friendly staff!
Great place to watch sports of any kind!
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Stef Stan
24 decembrie 2017 15:21

Great service, nice atmosphere, and the ribs are to die for.
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Dorin Cristian Minea
8 ianuarie 2018 20:31

nice place to have a beer and some decent food
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Ovidiu Preda
2 ianuarie 2018 12:10

Good place for chilling, good food and drinks
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Alez Catalin
25 iunie 2017 10:41

Waited an hour for my pizza but that was the only negative experience. Good choices for food and drinks, huge place so easy to find seats and nice view on the top terrace thing. Glad I found the place.
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