Cetatea Berarilor

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Bulevardul Camil Ressu 41, Titan, București

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Pub - Restaurant - Terasa - alternativa barurilor din centru vechi la tine in cartier!

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Remus Serban
8 august 2018 13:52

Google has it wrong. This is a bunch of places with the same address. It's a local vegetable and fruit market, a pharmacy, a set of various home improvement shops etc The only place I haven't visited is the restaurant itself, and while reviews are positive, it seems most clients here are a bit on the basic side( which is fine, if it's something you can easily stomach along with your meal).
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andi joo
5 iunie 2018 11:15

The freshly hired have a lot to learn, but I'm absolutely crazy about the more experienced employees. They're polite, always watching for what people need, and always smiling. The food was absolutely great, although I hear the pizza could be better. Serving time for both food and drinks is amazing. 4.5/5 will go there again.
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Constantin Tudor
29 septembrie 2018 11:59

For the first time there, was a good impresion, food, drinks and atmosphere. Not too much people around. Entrance and surroundings not very nice, but I'll go again to test it.
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Anderson T
17 august 2018 07:29

The pub is near my house so it is convenient. It has a nice open space. Although I did not taste the food here it seems good. The pub is in a very old building, comming from the period before 1990, so the arhitecture is not so happy. Stil, it is a fair place to drink some beer with friends.
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razvan radu
5 septembrie 2018 15:03

Great food and honest service. Low prices are an unusual bonus for such quality meals.
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