Times Cocktail Bar

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Intrarea Nicolae Selari , Centrul vechi, București

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Luni - Marți
Miercuri - Duminică
18:00 - 05:00


Păreri despre "Times Cocktail Bar"

27 decembrie 2018 20:31

Horrible place never going there again. A brunette promoter invited us inside when we where passing by and looking for a place to party and she told us she’ll give us free shots. We entered, the place was completely empty and the music was so loud we couldn’t hear ourselves even screaming. She came with the shots and she drank one with us and after this she was showing us on her phone that she was texting the bartender and that we have to pay for the shots because the alcohol was expensive and after we pay she’ll give us a free round of cheaper something. I just want to say that’s nasty and a big No and I also think in this way you’ll be bankrupt in no time.
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Botond Suranyi
29 ianuarie 2019 19:39

Nice place, good music. No edm.
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Fintan Doherty
27 august 2018 16:34

This is a nicely decked out bar with a lot of music that I liked. Unfortunately the staff openly steal from customers and seem to be supported by the owner. I went to the bar and gave the barman 20 lei for a water which costs 10 lei. The barman gave me the water and no change. It was clear he had no intention of giving me the money. I called him over to get my change when a lady next to me interjected. She said...this is my bar whats wrong here? I said that the barman just kept my 10 lei change. Her response was... 'have you ever heard of a tip?'
I responded how any honest, rational thinking person would by saying that leaving a tip is my decision, nobody elses'. She got very defensive and angry after that and ran behind the bar and took the money out of the till and slammed it on the counter. I thought what a childish, dishonest way to treat people, especially paying customers. Be wary of a place like this if you are a tourist, they will clearly take any opportunity to rob you. People like these give Bucharest a bad name.
EDIT: in response to the owners question below; I gave the barman 20 lei because I didnt know how much a water costs. EVEN if I just gave the barman 10 lei for the water it is illegal not to return change. If his explanation was true and he didnt have any change, an honest barman goes to the customer and explains. He clearly doesn't feel he has to do that because he has a boss who is just as dishonest and tries to cover for him. In regards to your drunk comment; I assume that you are disappointed that I wasn't really drunk and I remember every detail because the really drunk customers are the ones you can really take advantage of.
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Stephane Perrin
9 septembrie 2018 11:49

The good music and small place whit lot of people
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Benji Portwin
7 iulie 2018 02:44

Simple but effective, good tunes and lots of dancing. No frills, but no pretence either; everyone dancing.
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