Times Cocktail Bar

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Intrarea Nicolae Selari , Centrul Vechi, București
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Luni - Marți
Miercuri - Duminică
18:00 - 05:00


Păreri despre "Times Cocktail Bar"

16 august 2019 20:45

One of the best places to party wild. Great music, decent prices.
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Linh Pham
25 mai 2019 02:42

Bartenders are cheaters. Don’t give correct change because you’re a tourist. Plenty of other honest places in old town to visit.
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Sven Preiss
3 august 2019 13:11

Great non-bling bling alternative in Bukarest old town, 70/80s party music and decent Gin & Tonics (try Hendricks)
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Robert Badea
5 mai 2019 18:56

Great place! Been here for New Eve party, plenty of booze, cools sneaks and even cooler bartenders!
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Dana Paduraru
7 mai 2019 22:55

The night I've been here the DJ was absolutely amazing + beautifully decorated
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