The President

Bulevardul Lacul Tei 145, Tei, București

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Meniul cu specific international al restaurantului ofera preparate savuroase pentru toate gusturile, iar privelistea spre lac transforma mesele luate cu prietenii, cu familia sau cu partenerii de afaceri in experiente deosebit de placute.

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "The President"

Alexandra Ioana
15 august 2018 16:12

I would give it five stars but the music(as much as i liked their choices) was too loud for me. Other than that the food is good and has a reasonable price,drinks are pretty expensive but it is a restaurant after all. The pool is clean,with cold water(not excessively chlorinated)making it kid friendly as well. Staff is nice and the establishment itself is well kept. Overall i give it a 4 stars since right now i still need to fix my hearing :P
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7 noiembrie 2018 10:46

Good location. Next to the lake. Nice environment. But to be honest the service wasn't so good. The terrace in the automn was open for the clients but very unarranged. They should had it closed or good arranged. The prices of the food are bit high for what you get. The coffees are OK. I was expecting to have more options for the kids once is located in a park with lots of kids.
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Seba Mbx
21 decembrie 2018 17:56

Went to the pool last summer.Really fun and good food.
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Kotfas Radu
16 februarie 2019 22:38

Good food to much "cumatreala"
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26 august 2018 17:13

The staff is very rude and have a miserable attitude even if you will tip them. I did not order from there anymore, out of fear that they will spit in my food. They will try to trick whenever they can and with whatever they can in order to get more money from you. The prices are higher than the prices from the center of Bucharest. They have no pool rules so the kids will jump into the pool all the time and ruin your experience as the pool is very small. Avoid this place!
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