The Old Sibiu - închis temporar

Preț Moderat
Ion Oteteleșanu 3, Cișmigiu, București

The Old Sibiu - închis temporar

Preț Moderat
Ion Oteteleșanu 3, Cișmigiu, București
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The Old Sibiu e genul de local în care ajungi pentru că au seri tematice (în fiecare joi) și revii pentru papanași, pentru papanași și pentru papanași. Restaurantul e în apropierea Cercului Militar, la câțiva pași de Cișmigiu. Așa că, după o masă autentic românească, îți poți face siesta în timpul unei preumblări prin parc.

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26 decembrie 2019 20:11

Amazing reception, great menu, spacious and private at the same time. The restaurant is placed amazingly in the city center, really close to lots of great clubs.
Perfect venue for a private party!
Keep it up guys!
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19 ianuarie 2020 17:37

There is a wonderful balance about this place, and you can almost touch its harmony. The location is great in a recently renovated building. I love the balcony looking down the ground floor -- I think most people will share the feeling. The food was served elegantly and it tasted deliciously. Servers and the staff are always polite and professional, and willing to turn on their head to make customers happy. I will return there, definitely!
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21 noiembrie 2019 15:38

Exceptional service and the food was simply amazing! The location is luxury as well. We will visit soon again!
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17 noiembrie 2019 15:22

I haven't actually eaten at the place, but the reason for the two stars is the organization.
I called to make a reservation for Saturday evening, and they said it was ok, but when I got there, there was an event organised (a party, a christening, something). The music was very loud (which is normal for a party, but not for dinner out with friends).
I can't believe they actually expected us to have dinner in the middle of someone else's party. They could have at least told me this when I called to make the reservation.

Anyway, word of advice: if you want to eat there, ask if there's a wedding or a funeral or something. Apparently, you never know.
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13 decembrie 2019 15:51

I recommend this place!
We had our Corporate Christmas Party here and everything was great: decorations, everything we requested was nicely done and the staff was really nice and receptive to our requests.
Ms. Mettke had a few suggestions for us and also recommended the best DJ, so it turned out to be the best party we had in the last years.
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