Terasa Doamnei

Doamnei 9, Centrul Vechi, București

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Terasa Doamnei este un restaurant localizat la adresa Doamnei numărul 9. Deschis zilnic între orele 10:00 - 02:00.

La Terasa Doamnei te poți bucura de unele din cele mai bune preparate cu specific american sau românesc.

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Matthias Grabowski
19 august 2017 22:45

We had to wait for 2 hours for our food and then it was cold. The food was OK but really not up to the great Romanian standard. Also the serving sizes were quite small for Romanian standards.

The place was only half full and yet there aren't any waiters around even when you press the button.

The live music and dancers were really nice.

To sum up: looks good, doesn't work.
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Andrea Nasci
5 octombrie 2017 15:59

The location is good and very open space. The service is fast and the waiters are polite and talkative. The food is good, according to the price
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Dafi D.A.
21 mai 2017 00:19

The entertainment doesn't cover for the bad taste this place left us with.

Mixed dishes, strange higher charges and slow unwelcoming service, and asking for higher tips.

We visited there twice, since the food was OK and the outdoor performance was quite nice.

First, only part of the dishes presented in the menu are available. And no one bother to inform it to you before you order.
on Thursday, no soups was left at 19:30
And on Saturday, "no soup" and also "no pizza".

But the real and main problems were the incompetent unfriendly waiters, who made mistakes in our dishes,
and unfortunately on both occasions - we were charged for more expensive items/dishes than what we actually ordered and received.
Since the extra charge was a few RONs, we didn't mentioned it - and tipped the waiter.
But the second time - the service got worse: the waiter didn't even bring us orders he took from us, and when asked for the bill - instead of Forwarding the request or handle it - ignored us for at least 15 minutes it - till we asked for it again from another waiter.
The bill again was higher than the actual order - and the waiter had the nerve to complain about the tip being too low for his taste.
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Juli Magenta
19 august 2017 22:47

We waited over 2 hours for our food to arrive, getting it at 10:30pm, after asking several times.
Also, sadly, the food is just ok, you can get a lot better for the same price.
It's a pity, because the location looks rather nice.
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אלה זוהר
13 august 2017 13:36

Nice Romanian experience. Good food.
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