Terasa Doamnei

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Strada Doamnei 9, Centrul Vechi, București
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Amplasat in centrul istoric al Bucurestiului, pe strada Doamnei, Restaurantul Terasa Doamnei este o locatie care nu poate fi trecuta cu vederea. Va invitam sa savurati intr-un cadru intim si linistit in acordul muzicii live, atat preparate din bucataria romaneasca cat si din cea internationala.

Restaurantul nostru va ofera un program special alaturi de Ansamblul de muzica si dansuri populare Terasa Doamnei, care sa va faca sa evadati din cotidian.

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Luis Lopez
22 iulie 2019 15:16

Nice place. Good atmosphere with Romanian music, Romanian terrace and garden. Ventilators. I ordered a Romanian specialty from the chef and a beer; in total 48 RON (10.16 EURO) and it was tasty and I got filled. Not unbelievable tasty but good. They have a lot of dish varieties and options and that is nice. Good value for money. I would come back to try more dishes.
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Anca Baciu
1 iunie 2019 00:18

We had a great time at Terasa Doamnei. The food is delicious. "Sarmalele" are wonderful, they are in my top. The service is also very good. Everything is clean and nice. In autumn you can find a very good quality "must".
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24 iunie 2019 20:51

A fine restaurant. Good food and gentle waiters. A good Romanian atmosphere with a touch of Italian Style.
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Kostas Z
30 aprilie 2019 23:36

To tell the truth i had a great time. We were lucky because as a tourist group the restaurant organized a traditional Romania night with life music and dancers. I give 3 stars because of the food. If only there was the food i would rate this place with one star. The show they provided was fantastic
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רועי נמיר
20 iunie 2019 10:03

Very good Romanian food. Service is slow but pleasent. Kebab is the best I ever had!
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