Taverna Baba Novac

Intrarea Baba Novac 3, Dristor, București

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Taverna Baba Novac este situat in zona Dristor, meniu cu specific romanesc si italienesc.

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4 noiembrie 2020 12:25

Nice place with nice ambient, empty but you can take away your food order 👍
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15 octombrie 2018 17:53

You should try vegetable soup its perfect,good food quiet place to eat
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19 iunie 2017 21:15

Great if you want to experience added protein in your food in the form of flies. Mine was cooked in the pizza and got me thinking how many I had already eaten.
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9 martie 2018 19:01

Nice place, good food and ambiance.
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14 februarie 2016 09:50

Moderate experience. The prices are a little bit high for a tiny neighbourhood bodega.
You'll expect really great food from a little place like this, but....not!
Overall not worth the trip.
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