LollyPop Cafe

Decebal 13, Vitan, București

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O selectie de bauturi si mancaruri excelente intr-o atmosfera deosebita.

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16 octombrie 2017 22:01

Fair place. Exorbitant prics
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Ion Mihai
18 mai 2017 00:44

Good food! Verry well served! Best service!
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Cristinutza Pisicutza
18 iunie 2017 18:16

Very nice location, design, and very tasty food and drinks, but too high prices and uneducated, mean staff
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Sorin Gabriel
14 martie 2017 12:22

One of the best coffee place in Bucharest, they have a lot of sortiments, you can smoke outside, you recive at every coffee a piece of chocolate and when you pay, you recive a lollipop. Isn't that nice!
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Marius-Gabriel Onceanu
11 august 2016 12:11

Great food, great drink selection. Too bad it's on the main road and allot of noise if you choose to stay outside. Prices are a little high, but it is worth it if you want to have a good time.
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