LollyPop Cafe

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Bulevardul Decebal 13, Alba Iulia, București
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O selectie de bauturi si mancaruri excelente intr-o atmosfera deosebita.

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Orlin Petkov
4 iulie 2019 01:54

The service was good. The food was OK, but nothing special. The prices are higher than the average, due to the location. The atmosphere is strange, as the floor is tilted.
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dana negulici
12 ianuarie 2019 09:06

Autumn 2018. Nice place to spend tine with friends. It would be much better if the chef wouldn't smoke in the kitchen......
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I.M. C-tin
8 mai 2019 07:43

Hello travelers 🧳!
Good food and good service!
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Mr Melancholy
20 ianuarie 2019 19:43

Visited this place for the first time with a few colleagues last night. Great ambiance
Will return
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Ioana Alexandra Raiciu
16 iunie 2018 00:09

Excellent Hugo, wonderful Caesar salad, nice employees. A place where you can have a drink, a nice dinner or watching a football play with friends. Good music, relaxed atmosphere, good prices.
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