Tasty Fish

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Strada H. M. Berthelot 50, Știrbei, București
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Situat in zona parcului Cismigiu pe strada General Berthelot numarul 50, restaurantul pescaresc Tasty Fish se situeaza in acest moment in topul celor mai bine cotate restaurante de profil. Gratie unei abordari familiare, clientela fidela pune accentul pe servicii impecabile de la inceputul pana la finalul vizitei.

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Păreri despre "Tasty Fish"

Georgios Papadopoulos
11 iulie 2019 23:16

The place is nice, the service and the food is good.The only minus is that they never have all the menu items
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Cristian Cirlan
16 mai 2019 19:03

Nice place, fresh fish, good cooking
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Virgil Stefan Nitulescu
15 ianuarie 2019 16:17

Very good fish specialities!
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Catalin Dragu
20 aprilie 2018 16:35

Poor selection of food, overpriced and don’t buy “Ciorba de burta”
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Ze Ep
15 aprilie 2018 08:05

My rating goes mostly to my favorite fish soup in town "ciorba de burta de rechin" which is like our traditional tripe soup but with shark meat instead! It's slightly upsetting that they don't always have shark but come to think about it many things on the menu are unavailable and it's understandable, for quality purposes I suppose. Best thing is to call in advance, but even so you might be told to call the next day when the boss-lady has the answer for you. I had no other big problems with this restaurant but there is something unsettling about the waiter's character. There was a time when I was coming here only to serve the soup and I would leave 10 lei tips to him to see if this will cheer him up in the future, but it didn't; he had little regard for me as a regular client for the shark soup, even with my generosity. He can't help it if he has a personality disorder, but who cares, the soup is good!
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