Sushi Garden

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Calea Șerban Vodă 86, Tineretului, București
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Sushi Garden înseamnă o mică echipă de antreprenori cu o pasiune comună pentru cultura asiatică, pasiune pe care am tradus-o așa cum am știut mai bine: prin preparate gustoase cu specific japonez.

Vă așteptăm la Sushi Garden pentru o experiență culinară specială datorită atmosferei intime, a confortului asigurat atât adulților, cât și juniorilor, și a grijii constante pentru calitatea și prospețimea ingredientelor.

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A Adrian
22 septembrie 2018 00:08 Rezervat în data de 21 septembrie 2018 prin

Sushi fooooarte bun,delicious +cea Mai Buna limonada money can buy

Cristian Ionita
21 august 2018 23:33

Not really authentic sushi
The location is great, parking spots can be easily found. The garden and the services are good.

However, the sushi is not. It has strange consistency and taste. Non-authentic recipes are being used I guess. Sour cream (I hope that was it!) should not be added to maki, just saying. This is the first sushi place where we left the plates non-empty.
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Miguel Penas Boado
3 noiembrie 2018 23:36

Good prices, very good quality and very good attention from the workers.
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Adela Soare
12 februarie 2018 07:41

Easily the best Japanese restaurant in Bucharest. There is a wide variety of choices, from traditional soups, to cooked food and, the star of the show, the sushi.

Whilst I cannot speak for the soups and cooked good (but I'm sure they're amazing), the sushi is the best you can find town. It has an authentic, freshly-cooked taste, and there is a large variety to choose from. The sushi is cooked right there and then, in front of your eyes. While it may be a bit on the expensive side, it is always worth every cent.

The location is nice, and the interior is decorated beautifully in a distinct Japanese style. They also have an outside garden, complete with a small fish pond.

As an added bonus, if you don't want to have your home, they have a citywide delivery service.

I wholeheartedly recommend this place. The best Japanese food restaurant in town. Definitely try it. You'll love it!
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Con Man
9 septembrie 2018 22:52

Nice cozy atmosphere outside. Good for large groups during summer.
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Evyatar Shimoni
25 iulie 2018 01:44

Been there 3 times, first two were great.
On the 3rd the waiter forgot the order, messed up and brought other things we did not wanted, once we told him that he forgot one of the dishes in the order, he said that it is in the making and he did not forget about that (which was obviously a lie since it showed on the check that he added the dish last), once the dish evantually arrived (after ages) it was made poorly and in a hurry, tasted bad (I had the same dish the day before and it was great, but this time tasted awful since they made it in a hurry so it won’t look like they forgot about it, which is plain stupidity).
After all of this mess, I just wanted to leave the place, so asked for check (of course that they won’t offer to make it up in any way because they did not do anything wrong, just forgot about the order and messed up the order that eventually has been taken, and one of the dishes was horrible).
Next time just be mature polite and decent to say that you did something wrong and fix it properly.
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