Strada Rustica

Strada Baba Novac 9, Dristor, București

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Pizzeria La Strada Rustica va invita sa serviti o pizza pe gustul dumneavoastra in locatia aflata pe strada Baba Novac nr. 9-11, Complex Rucar.

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Luni - Duminică
10:00 - 00:00


Păreri despre "Strada Rustica"

Mircea Huides
30 noiembrie 2018 23:33

Short review: Best pizza around.
Long review: The service is very fast and the pizza is very good. On Friday's nights I recommend making a reservation. The medium pizza is more than enough for one person, the big is enough for 2.5. They also have pizza with nutella and other deserts.
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13 septembrie 2018 10:28

The service is great, the food is awesome and the atmosphere is very relaxing, for me it's the perfect place to end a long day of work or exploring. Love it will come back.
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Laurentiu Simionescu
27 septembrie 2018 16:23

Pizza is the best, the best in town in my opinion.

Every time I ordered pizza from them something was missing.
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Alexandru Mihalache
18 octombrie 2018 18:48

Great pizza and very good prices.
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Uli Zana
13 septembrie 2018 20:55

Nice cosy place, prices are ok
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