Strada Rustica

Strada Baba Novac 9, Titan - Balta Albă, București

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Pizzeria La Strada Rustica va invita sa serviti o pizza pe gustul dumneavoastra in locatia aflata pe strada Baba Novac nr. 9-11, Complex Rucar.

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Titus Ahciarliu
1 iunie 2018 22:46

Although from outside it doesn't seem too promising, the pizza they make is surprisingly good, the staff are friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is quite relaxing. And the prices are also much lower than any other quality pizza restaurant I've seen in Bucharest.
I almost forgot... The large pizza is Huge!
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Andrei Băcanu
2 aprilie 2018 15:55

This is actually a pizza delivery spot with some tables around.
Their pizzas were delicious and worth the money but in april 2018 I got a soggy pizza for 27 lei. It had rich topping however.
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Clontea Theodor
27 mai 2018 09:57

One of the good pizza. They are moving fast.
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2 ianuarie 2018 20:57

Very good pizza and service with more than decent prices.
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Cucolea Dan
5 ianuarie 2018 12:03

Local restaurant, good pizza, good service. I am a loyal customer since day 1.
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