Star Kebab [închis permanent]

Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu 7, Politehnica, București
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"Star Kebab - gustul visului!" - este un lanț de restaurante fast-food, condus de o echipă managerială tânără și ambițioasă. Apelăm zilnic la tehnici moderne de organizare ale procesului de lucru în vederea asigurării calității și atmosferei de vis din toate localurile Star Kebab.

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ela ela
25 aprilie 2019 13:40

I order often from them lately, it's a great experience, they come with order on time, sometimes a bit sooner. The Greek salad was small, elsewhere I can't complain. Great portions for the price.
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Paul Nastasa
6 februarie 2019 18:55

It is the kind of place you enter because it is big and you think it will be a great experience.
Am experience it is. Great, not so much.
The food is not tasty at all, the kebab is very dry, the sauces makes it worse.
Me, i don't think I will ever go back.
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Andrei Horoiu
9 aprilie 2019 19:41

Are you a student?
Are you hungry and you only have 20 rons left in your pocket?
Then this is the place to put an end to your hunger!
From the moment you enter the restaurant your order is taken by a beautiful women (from the best region - Moldova 🇲🇩) and it is afterwards prepared by strong, independent men (also from Moldova).
In my opinion the best sauce is the white one with garlic (it doesn't matter what you order...just add white sauce!!).
Enjoy your 💣 food!
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Cezar Mihail Biculescu
6 mai 2019 18:32

A great place where you can eat. The food is excellent and the environment is soothing
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Ignat Andrei
12 iulie 2019 14:58

Good food. However, the prices can be greater than advertising
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