Star Kebab [închis permanent]

Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu 7, Politehnica, București
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Star Kebab nu acceptă rezervări online prin
"Star Kebab - gustul visului!" - este un lanț de restaurante fast-food, condus de o echipă managerială tânără și ambițioasă. Apelăm zilnic la tehnici moderne de organizare ale procesului de lucru în vederea asigurării calității și atmosferei de vis din toate localurile Star Kebab.

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25 aprilie 2019 13:40

I order often from them lately, it's a great experience, they come with order on time, sometimes a bit sooner. The Greek salad was small, elsewhere I can't complain. Great portions for the price.
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25 noiembrie 2018 13:30

First time I was here the food was okay, but today I had a big surprise after buying two chicken wraps. Besides using a few chops of meat here and there (I can overlook that), it was really undercooked and pink-ish. That's just disgusting, I couldn't finish my meal.
If it was too cooked, I would have given them 2 or 3 stars, but this I can't stand. No salmonella for me, thanks.
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6 februarie 2019 18:55

It is the kind of place you enter because it is big and you think it will be a great experience.
Am experience it is. Great, not so much.
The food is not tasty at all, the kebab is very dry, the sauces makes it worse.
Me, i don't think I will ever go back.
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17 noiembrie 2017 21:45

Excellent food
Medium to slow service
Limited options
Good prices
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6 martie 2020 06:50

Very good restsurant
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