Star Kebab

Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu 7, Timişoara, București

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"Star Kebab - gustul visului!" - este un lanț de restaurante fast-food, condus de o echipă managerială tânără și ambițioasă. Apelăm zilnic la tehnici moderne de organizare ale procesului de lucru în vederea asigurării calității și atmosferei de vis din toate localurile Star Kebab.

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Vlad Cojocaru
12 ianuarie 2019 08:56

The food is really good and at competitive prices. They also have bulk ordering offers. The staff is friendly and open.
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Bogdan Stefanescu
15 decembrie 2018 21:24

I appreciate the services and kindness of personnel. simple and tasty fast food.
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Ionuţ Scafa
21 noiembrie 2018 15:28

The food is appetizing. I do not recommend though the sauces.
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Valentin Ctin
3 septembrie 2018 23:34

A nice concept for a clasic, oriental type of food! There are few nice choices to try, like Ceaser Salad with meat or meat pocket on the thin bread. Clean inside, very nice staff, polite, interesting company vision. Decent prices. A bit crowded, waiting too munch on the line during peak hours.
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Kev Morris
16 iulie 2018 16:35

Not a chain I've come across before - but - decent

Kebabs and other food made and customised as you wait, and pretty cheap and good value.

A very filling lunch.

Plenty of choice for both meat eaters and vegetarians and the premises is very close to a lot of shopping and a couple of museums. Nice one.
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