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Spațiul M60

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Strada C.A. Rosetti 3, Piața Romană, București
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Spațiul M60 nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Spațiul M60 este un proiect dedicat transformării unui loc renumit pentru ospitalitatea sa într-una dintre cele mai frumoase spații de ieșit în oraș.

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Luni - Miercuri
18:00 - 01:00
Joi - Sâmbătă
18:00 - 04:00
18:00 - 01:00


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A Alexandru
15 august 2017 10:02 Rezervat în data de 14 august 2017

13 iunie 2017 01:06

A nice, relaxing atmosphere with a strong hipster-oriented target. Menu is good enough, with wooden-oven made pizza. Very good selection of cocktails. The pebble on the ground is rather dusty in hot days, a green grass carpet would definitely be better. All in all, recommended!
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6 septembrie 2018 10:19

Vast selection of craft beer, pizza more authentic than most restaurants
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7 iulie 2019 00:50

Overall nice place, hypsterish with local craft beers and other + some pizza truck. What is bad, like in most other terraces: if you are not a smoker and especially hate smokes, you will probably not be able to enjoy anything here, for sure not the air which is already bad as it is in the Bucharest city center. Although they even wrote a rule about smoking being allowed "without bothering others", what that even means? Like unless of someone literally puffing towards your face and from a short distance, how could you consider all the smoke spreading across the full area as intentionally done by anyone? And since smoking can only be done outside at public places, literally everyone in such places seems to be smoking. If you can live with this, everything else is nice here.
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1 iulie 2019 19:11

Nice cozy chill place. Artisanal beer and pizza. A chill pill in the middle of the town.
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1 iulie 2019 21:30

Really nice place, perfect to take a break in the middle of the city, right next to beautiful buildings. The drinks and pizzas are great, it wasn’t too long to get our orders. We enjoyed sitting in a long chair while listening to great music.
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