South Burger

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Strada Gospodinelor 31, Berceni, București

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Primul restaurant de burgeri din sudul Bucurestiului. Pentru ca locuim aici unde nimeni nu ii livreaza si pentru ca ne plac burgerii!

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D Diana
17 iunie 2018 01:07 Rezervat în data de 16 iunie 2018 prin

Mancarea este excelenta, personalul este foarte amabil. Localul arata foarte bine iar atmosfera este degajata.

Daniel Ionescu
12 iunie 2018 09:00

They can do much better... I would of given 4 stars but I can t as during my last visit I was so very dissapointed by the behaviour of their employees: why some people can t be nice to others but rude from the start is such an awful attitude to have towards clients. How hard is it to put a plate on a table with less noise without dropping it from a mile away and with a smile instead of an arrogant look. If I m nice try to be the same.
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Radon Googon
10 februarie 2018 08:46

Even though the food is really good, nice ambient and location, the service is a bit below the standard they raised. They are polite and fast, not so good with bringing the right stuff, and making us pay for their mistake. Will definitely go again, and make sure they will understand what I want (make them written down the order).
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George Enciu
5 mai 2018 22:52

The burger was very good. Some sauces would have been nice
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Mihaela Stancescu
27 ianuarie 2018 19:30

Best burgers I have ever eaten, delicious, tasty. I tried a few from the menu and they were more than expected: classic, krusty, french and lamb. The prices are decent, good quality, fast service and the staff very polite.
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Adrian Stroe
19 aprilie 2018 09:42

Good food, nice location, kinda pricey.
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