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Economu Cezărescu 50, Grozăvești, București
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Capacitate totala de peste 500 locuri! 7 saloane cu capacitati diferite. Unul dintre ele este sigur salonul de care ai nevoie. Ambianta placuta. Personalizare tematica a fiecarui salon.

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F Florian
21 aprilie 2019 09:02 Rezervat în data de 20 aprilie 2019 prin

Atmosfera plăcută si personal amabil. Meniu variat iar bucătăria excelenta.

F Florin
20 august 2017 19:29 Rezervat în data de 19 august 2017 prin

Personal placut si primitor. RECOMAND mușchi de vită mexican si papanasii. Foarte gustos.

Szilárd Enyedi
9 martie 2019 08:17

Pros: Excellent food and service. Clean. The portions are huge, make sure you check the weights written after each menu item. Prices are affordable. The location is good, between residential buildings, on a quiet street. Accessible by car, right to the front door, park it on the side of one of the little streets around the restaurant. We climbed a few steps at the entrance, so make sure to inquire for access before going, if you have a wheelchair. You can eat outside on the patio, if it's not too cold and they brought out the tables, but the steps still have to be climbed. We went there on a Thursday evening at 20:00, made a reservation days before, but i still saw a few seats available. I had lunch there a few years ago and it was almost full.

Cons: Menu only in Romanian. There could be more napkins at the table, but this is easily solved on request.

All in all, great food at good prices. Recommended.
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Tiberius Serghei
2 iunie 2019 18:17

Waiter was less than friendly, slow service, and not very classy. The place is big, 2 terraces, with water spraying in the summer. The food is rather plantiful but not very sophisticated. You can eat but its not a party in your mouth :)
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Constantin Manea
19 februarie 2019 14:13

Slow motion service but good food
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Mircea Huides
25 noiembrie 2018 01:10

Very good food, traditional pr otherwise. The dishes are very big so you will be full after leaving. Try the desert (I usually go for the panckakes).
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Danutz Habarnuam
31 ianuarie 2019 22:41

It can't be have to go and try definitely you are NOT going to be disappointed.
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