Seneca Anticafe

Arhitect Ion Mincu 1, Aviatorilor, București
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Seneca Anticafe este o cafenea localizată la adresa Arhitect Ion Mincu numărul 1. Deschis de Marți până Duminică între orele 10:00 - 22:00, cu excepția zilei de Luni când este închis.

La Seneca Anticafe te poți bucura de o cafea perfectă sau un cocktail pe gustul tău.

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Marți - Duminică
10:00 - 22:00


Păreri despre "Seneca Anticafe"

Benedikt Hi
25 august 2017 09:22

This is such a wonderful co-working space/cafe/library/book store. Never have I felt so much at home at a business before. I didn't want to leave, the atmosphere is so friendly and immediately familiar. There are complementary tea and cookies served, and you get a discount at the coffee place next door. That's how friendly they are, even their neighbours like them so much that they give discounts. You have to see for yourself!
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Liliana Violeta Dogioiu
23 noiembrie 2017 10:09

A place where you can work, read, have a tea or a coffee. Their system of paying by hour which includes internet access & what you want to have from their offer of fruits, tea, coffee, snacks, it's very nice and convenient. I enjoyed the atmosphere, for sure will be back.
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Catrinel Burghelea
21 noiembrie 2017 08:46

Beautiful, charming and relaxing place. Perfect for working, reading or a friendlu meeting.
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alex ban
22 octombrie 2017 17:00

Best place to relax, if you want to spend some time in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere
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Remus Serban
15 iunie 2017 01:45

We need more of this stuff happening, otherwise Seneca Anticafe will be overrated and end up being sorely missed.

Co-working in Bucharest should happen more, and should happen better. Ideally, it should happen outside the city, in a green area with low-level pollution.. and close to a residential area in which loads of freelancers live. Do not misread as : lots of freeloaders lance. Hahah.

Coming back to the main point, this is one place you can actually get your stuff going. Do some work, meet some people, have a meeting. Co-working done well. Seriously not on par with great co-working places and freelancing hubs in the west, but still, pretty cool.

Seneca Anticafe should start pollinating, and soon.
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