Seneca Anticafe

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Strada Arhitect Ion Mincu 1, Aviatorilor, București

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SENECA este un SPAȚIU unde TU poți să ai întâlniri să lucrezi să joci să împarți
Dacă vrei să te întâlnești cu prietenii într-un loc liniștit, să stați de vorbă și să vă și auziți - te așteptăm la noi!
Dacă vrei să te concentrezi, să citești reviste de specialitate din diferite domenii și țari, să lucrezi, să înveți - ai un loc special de lucru la noi!
Dacă ai hobby-uri, știi să faci lucruri și vrei să-i înveți pe cei doritori să învețe – avem un loc special pentru voi!

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09:00 - 21:00


Păreri despre "Seneca Anticafe"

Alex Tomescu
24 august 2018 15:00

I have worked here while in Bucharest for a week and I can definitely say it was the best decision. I was much more productive than I would have been working from a normal coffee shop. They have some teas, crackers and fruit which you can serve during your stay. They don't offer too much stuff though. But you can order and use their kitchen.
The whole week I was here no one disturbed anyone and people are very respectful. After 5 hours the amount you have to pay caps at 40 Ron. They also have a small room I've used for Video Calling people at my office. When tired you can stroll through the library and look at books or you can go get a cup of coffee from next door (they have a 30% discount for coffee)
Overall I really recommend it!
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Bogdan Mihai Rusu
5 septembrie 2018 09:29

Perfect to read or have a chat with colleagues about a project. Nice kitchen full with beverages, fruits and drinks at your disposal for a small hourly fee. Boards and lots of snuffs to plug your device
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Wittmann Battenfeld S.R.L.
13 august 2018 22:25

Is very relaxing, personal very nice, very peceful plece
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Calin Giuclea
22 noiembrie 2017 16:53

Cool place to go to if you want to work on a project(solo or with a team). They have an amazing concept where you only pay for the time spent there. They have a quiet room, lots of books to read, a kitchen with tea and snacks (but you can bring your own food - they don't have coffee, so buy it beforehand). They also have printers, projectors and scanner available.
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Ozana Niţulescu
18 decembrie 2017 18:58

Seneca Anticafe is one of my favourite places in Bucharest! I'm always warmly and respectfully received, and I always find there a good place to work and read, and for finding out new things. They are keen on recycling and on healthy food.
Seneca Anticafe is about quality time, consciously and lovingly spent.
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