Sara Green

Bulevardul Lascar Catargiu 43A, Victoriei, București

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We show up when FOOD meets LOVE.
We consider that it's all about the life in our food and the food in our life. This is one of the major ignored key of a fullfielld life.

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11:00 - 20:00
Marți - Vineri
09:30 - 20:00
12:30 - 19:30


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5 octombrie 2020 13:06

One of the best vegan places in Bucharest! Prices are really acceptable, especially for the quality of the food. Also the services are very good, the staff is very nice. I was here also with my non-vegan friends and they enjoyed it, so please please try it!

P.S. the most “meaty” burger is the quinoa one (in my opinion and also my friends’)
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30 decembrie 2020 22:35

Best veggie place în town. Highly recommend. Don't leave before you try the HappyCow Burger.
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3 octombrie 2020 21:59

Very very good burgers, especially happy cow! I will definitely come back!
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6 septembrie 2020 20:02

delicious as always! 3rd time coming and not disappointed 💚
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26 august 2020 23:25

Some of the best 100% vegan places in Bucharest. Very small and intimate
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