Sara Green

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Vegană, Vegetariană
Bulevardul Lascar Catargiu 43A, Victoriei, București

Sara Green

5,0 / 8 voturi
Preț Accesibil
Vegană, Vegetariană
Bulevardul Lascar Catargiu 43A, Victoriei, București
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We show up when FOOD meets LOVE. We consider that it's all about the life in our food and the food in our life. This is one of the major ignored key of a fullfielld life.

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Luni - Vineri
10:00 - 21:00
Sâmbătă - Duminică
11:00 - 20:00


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5,0 / 8 voturi
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C Cristian
9 martie 2023 20:56 Rezervat în data de 9 martie 2023

M Mihaita
8 martie 2023 20:04 Rezervat în data de 8 martie 2023

Atmosfera plăcută,personal profesionist,preparatele healthy,felicitări,merita încercat!

V Vlad
6 iulie 2022 10:23 Rezervat în data de 5 iulie 2022

O Oana
19 mai 2022 22:50 Rezervat în data de 19 mai 2022

A Andreea
7 aprilie 2022 12:59 Rezervat în data de 6 aprilie 2022

A Anca
17 martie 2022 20:49 Rezervat în data de 17 martie 2022

B Bogdan
16 aprilie 2021 20:39 Rezervat în data de 16 aprilie 2021

D Dan
14 februarie 2021 05:53 Rezervat în data de 13 februarie 2021

16 august 2023 17:19

Tired the Amazing veggie wrap, the happy cow burger and the tabouleh salad. All amazing and delicious.

Fast, healthy and delicious option for a good price. The place is also very clean and with a nice atmosphere.
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6 octombrie 2023 19:09

Very cute vegan place with good food. Staff is super nice and atmosphere is very cozy. I went for lunch on a Friday and it wasn’t too crowded. Cheeseburger and brownie were very tasty. Highly recommend for plant-based and non plant-based folks.
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29 octombrie 2023 13:29

mmm, salad was frozen and I have never tasted frozen Tabouleh before so it was a bit shocked experience, only green dog was good、
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19 octombrie 2023 12:37

Easy the best vegan place in bucharest. I've been to quite a few in my vacation here. The waitors/workers are fabulous friendly. Got all my food recommended and totally happy about it. Also its cheaper than other places.

Chose from a lot of different dishes and desserts. If I am back in Bucharest you'll find me here again!
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11 iulie 2023 15:59

Amazing vegan place. I loved the Pulled Jack No Pork burger and the tabbouleh salad. Must try when in Bucharest!
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