High Life Bistro

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Grigore Alexandrescu 6, Victoriei, București

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High Life Bistro este tipul de restaurant care ar fi fost și pe placul lui Nenea Iancu, și pe al lui Cărtărescu. Meniul cosmopolit și stilul interbelic al casei te transportă într-un timp în afara timpului, în care exiști doar tu, friptura de vită, paharul de vin și moelleux au chocolat-ul pe care le sorbi din priviri.

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R Ruxandra
20 februarie 2017 15:08 Rezervat în data de 16 februarie 2017 prin ialoc.ro

Locatia e draguta dar chelnerii par neprietenosi si rautaciosi.

Astraea Sim
7 august 2018 12:42

I've patronized this restaurant multiple times as they have good food with decent prices. I have had good experiences with them before.

With the exception of my visit today with a exceptionally rude waitress with short curly hair. When we asked for English menu she outright lied and said there wasn't one(there was), threw the romanian menu on the table and walked away.

She came back within a couple of minutes expecting us to magically understand the romanian menu and to decide what we wanted. We said we weren't ready to order and she rolled her eyes at us like we post such a big inconvenience to her for patronizing their restuarant. Such a horrible dining experience.
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Radu Petrescu
16 septembrie 2018 15:19

Great service. Good price for launch.
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Andrei L. Magnea
7 august 2018 14:19

Friendly staff. Very fast service, but the food was not all that. Nothing "High" about it, or at least about their daily menu.
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Andra Pravai
6 iunie 2018 14:06

Great service and variety of food at lunch
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Maria G
29 martie 2018 17:10

I have only been here during lunch hours in the weekday, but every time I went here the service was incredibly slow and the waiter rude. Usually during lunch the place is packed so finding a table can be difficult. I suggest you reserve one beforehand.
The food is not spectacular, actually it's pretty average. The advantage is the fact that for a low price you get a 3 course meal. But for me, buying a cheap non-tasty three course meal isn't my ideal lunch. Also, some colleagues of mine reported some food poisoning after eating here. Personally, I haven't experience that so I can not tell for sure if the food is old on top of being just unappetising.
When I ordered the food (2out of 3 times) the second course and the desert came cold. The desert was half frozen... All in all, I really don't recommend this place. You might be better off eating at McDonalds. At least there the food has some flavour.
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