Strada Dimitrie Bolintineanu 9, Universitate, București

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Restaurant Rossetya se afla situat in zona centrala a vechiului Bucuresti -"Micul Paris", intr-o locatie ce reda decorul unei case burgheze specifice perioadei secolului XIX.
In cele 7 variante de meniu: Manastiresc, Burghez, Grecesc-Fanariot, Frantuzesc, Rusesc, Austro-Ungar si Turcesc-Oriental, Rossetya incearca sa aduca in actualitate evolutia si transformarea claselor sociale romane, care se reflecta inclusiv in gastronomia noastra.

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11:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Rossetya"

Richard Bowes
15 mai 2018 20:35

Closed! Sign on door says closed for renovation April 2017
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Tudor Popescu
29 decembrie 2016 19:13

Good food, prices a little high but reasonable for the quality of food and service
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David Brandstädter
25 iulie 2016 21:07

Excellent wines and good recommendations paired with honest Romanian cuisine. Where else in Bucharest can you find bear meat (urs) nowadays. Only minus point is the music. 80/90s pop doesn't go with the great interior design.
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Catalina Florescu
2 octombrie 2016 12:13

Great Service.Waiters are always very friendly and helpful with the dishes and wine choice.Each time i try to taste a different dish and i've never been dissapointed.The environment is absolutely romantic and peacefull with senses of another era. Value for money.
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Popescu Alexandru
15 decembrie 2016 10:42

Perfect food
1 American express on the door shows accepted but "the payment method is always not possible "
2 Beware that the staff understands what you order.
3 For some reason the staff comes and change ALL THE TIME the previous setting from the A.C. and the room get too cold!
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