Strada Dimitrie Bolintineanu 9, Universitate, București
Rossetya nu acceptă rezervări online prin

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Rossetya nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Restaurant Rossetya se afla situat in zona centrala a vechiului Bucuresti -"Micul Paris", intr-o locatie ce reda decorul unei case burgheze specifice perioadei secolului XIX.
In cele 7 variante de meniu: Manastiresc, Burghez, Grecesc-Fanariot, Frantuzesc, Rusesc, Austro-Ungar si Turcesc-Oriental, Rossetya incearca sa aduca in actualitate evolutia si transformarea claselor sociale romane, care se reflecta inclusiv in gastronomia noastra.

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Ivan Gabriel
20 martie 2019 14:58

I like the idea of the place... Food is there, but music choice ruins the whole atmosphere. (If you've seen how classy the place is inside you would expect some chill music / classic / jazz etc.
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George Pogorelschi
12 noiembrie 2018 17:11

Poor quality and services
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Sergiu Cristescu
17 mai 2019 17:35

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Popescu Alexandru
15 decembrie 2016 10:42

Perfect food
1 American express on the door shows accepted but "the payment method is always not possible "
2 Beware that the staff understands what you order.
3 For some reason the staff comes and change ALL THE TIME the previous setting from the A.C. and the room get too cold!
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David Brandstädter
25 iulie 2016 21:07

Excellent wines and good recommendations paired with honest Romanian cuisine. Where else in Bucharest can you find bear meat (urs) nowadays. Only minus point is the music. 80/90s pop doesn't go with the great interior design.
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