Strada Sfinților 6, Centrul vechi, București
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Papila nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Livrăm zilnic mâncare sănătoasă dar gustoasă pentru micul dejun și prânz într-o locație care oferă un sentiment familiar și cald pentru oamenii care pun preț pe calitatea și sănătatea vieții lor.

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Luni - Vineri
08:00 - 19:00
09:00 - 16:00


Păreri despre "Papila"

Katerina Nedelcu
6 martie 2019 17:29

Lovely cozy place! Pet friendly. The food is amazing. Friendly staff, beautiful design. Close to the City center. I'll return for sure.
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9 aprilie 2019 16:19

The place is very nice, well designed considering the relatively small space - I mention the small space as the place is usually full and you might end up elbowing the neighbours while eating.
Soup was good, unfortunately the Oriental sandwich I had contained about a cup of oil which dripped/squirted all over when trying to eat it... I understand it was hummus based, but still, I would've preferred a separate cup with the oil for me to just dip-it-in if I really crave an oily sandwich.
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Alexandru Radu
11 mai 2019 20:28

Very good food. But the descriptions inside the menus were different than the actual food. "Party Salad" said it had avocado and no cheese, actual salad had no avocado and cheese. :)
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Dan Alexandru Pod
13 aprilie 2019 00:29

Cozy place in the heart of Bucharest. And by cozy I mean nice and small... Perhaps too small if you plan on coming with a 7+ group. Remember to make a reservation regardless - there's not a lot of tables. The dishes are delicious - particularly the sandwiches which are sumptuous. The drinks variety is lacking a bit, but you will definitely find something that fits your tastes. Staff are lovely and helpful and I will definitely be coming back.
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Robert Sukosd
29 martie 2019 19:55

Very good food. The menu is well balanced with a good variety of local craft beers and food, and the portions are good.
I wholeheartedly recommend this place.
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