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Kane - New Romanian Cuisine Nou pe ialoc

4,3 / 1 vot
Strada Dianei 9, Universitate, București
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Preț Fine dining

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Kane is an illustration, in various forms, of what contemporary Romanian creativity stands for.
Our restaurant promises a memorable exploration of tastes based solely on local Romanian ingredients that have been skilfully combined to bring out very surprising flavors.
A culinary experience highlighted by the setting of our new home one of the most iconic buildings in Bucharest. Part of the identity of Kane is the interior of the house which was rebuilt to reflect what happens when you invite craftsmen to be progressive and bring their craft into modernity.
Arrive curious, open-minded and willing to explore and we will not let you down.

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Luni - Marți
Miercuri - Duminică
18:30 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Kane - New Romanian Cuisine"

Bogdan Nica
10 ianuarie 2020 01:36

Decent food packed in small portions but overhyped by the cool names from the menus and the waiter stories about each dish. I know they've tried to create something special but it's not enough substance to create an authentic experience and you'll end up paying for more than you'll get.
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Razvan Constantin
10 ianuarie 2020 10:44

Excellent experience. Great fusion Romanian food, some dishes are extremely surprising, in a good way. Great service as well.
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Free Ku
16 noiembrie 2019 22:22

This is a Romanian cuisine fusion restaurant, the food is really good and outstanding service. The waiters speak good level of English and they are all very polite. Most of visitors are foreigners due to relatively expensive high price. I really recommend this restaurant if you want to have a romantic fine dinner!
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Florin Merla
18 octombrie 2019 21:55

Delicate perfection!

A thoroughly sublime experience; from the happy instant you spot the entrance, to the suddenly melancholic moment you exit Kane is outstanding.
The staff is above and beyond, the food is terrific, and the atmosphere is exquisite, yet humane.
Cherished every second at Kane.

Would recommend in a heartbeat!
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Luana Popovici
13 octombrie 2019 18:58

Such a great experience, from the first second i walked in, until the last bite of the dessert.
Kane is definitely the perfect place for a special night out in case you want to enjoy the tastiest vegetarian appetizer and main courses in Bucharest.
I will definitely come back to try also the Chef’s table for the full experience of a fine dining.
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