Restaurant Vanity

4,3 / 9 voturi
Restaurant Vanity nu acceptă rezervări online prin
Preț Moderat
Internațională, Românească
Splaiul Independentei 315B, Regie, București

Restaurant Vanity

4,3 / 9 voturi
Preț Moderat
Internațională, Românească
Splaiul Independentei 315B, Regie, București
Restaurant Vanity nu acceptă rezervări online prin

Restaurant cu specific romanesc si international. Piscina si terasa. „Odata privit continutul meniului a la carte, va garantam ca orice alegere a dumneavoastra in materie de „arta culinara”, regasita in categoriile prezentate, va va rasfata extravagant, declansand o adevarata „simfonie” a papilelor gustative, iar experientele traite vor fi magice.”

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4,3 / 9 voturi
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R Radu
20 mai 2023 19:11 Rezervat în data de 20 mai 2023

Probleme cu rezervarea - desi s-a confirmat in aplicatie, la fata locului nu am reusit sa gasim masa noastra de 8 persoane pentru ca aveau evenimente. Ni s-a oferit o masa in mijlocul unui eveniment privat si am ales sa plecam.

B Bianca
21 martie 2023 15:42 Rezervat în data de 18 martie 2023

Z Zenovia
23 octombrie 2022 20:52 Rezervat în data de 21 octombrie 2022

Mancarea si bautura au fost foarte buuuneee, personalul foarte amabil , atmosfera foarte frumoasa.
O sa revin cu mare placere si cu prietenii!!!
Multumim !!

C Catalin
21 august 2022 19:02 Rezervat în data de 20 august 2022

R Roxana
7 martie 2021 20:08 Rezervat în data de 7 martie 2021

C Cristina
11 septembrie 2020 21:58 Rezervat în data de 11 septembrie 2020

V Vladut
9 august 2020 21:03 Rezervat în data de 9 august 2020

D Dan
28 iulie 2020 10:06 Rezervat în data de 24 iulie 2020

A Alexandru
10 iulie 2020 08:47 Rezervat în data de 9 iulie 2020

28 august 2023 20:58

Went there for a Sunday lunch and almost starved. The drinks came after more than ten minutes, and the food around 30 minutes after that. Not to mention the bill. We had to ask for the bill 3 times because none of the waiters came back with it. Needless to say, the service was not the best.

Food-wise we had the Family Burger pack, which was a variety of 4 mini-burgers, mozzarella sticks, fries and onion rings, with sauce. Now, in the menu, it stated this was for 3-4 people, but in all honesty this barely was fit for 2 people. The fries were probably ten in total, and we had to fight between who got next one. The burgers weren't too bad, I enjoyed the small buns and the cheese.

The music was one of those club genres, didn't felt like it was on par with the atmosphere.

Overall, the experience could have been nicer. The prices could have been a bit lower too.
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1 august 2023 15:08

Amazing delicious food, good price not expensive, the place is nice and relaxing. The staff, well as you can see I rate the service 1star, why? Because I have to wait 1 h for my food to arrive, I have to chase the stuff to ask about it, no big deal after my food arrived, I didn’t have a spoon for the soup dish I ordered, which again I had to get up at the table to ask for it, when I had to pay as well I had to get up and look for someone for the bill, it wasn’t busy at all and they were quite many but not around the guests.
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25 iunie 2022 21:08

Redesigned and much nicer and classier then before, the location now looks like a top restaurant, the service is much better and the beef salad is a must try, the best I had!!
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3 august 2021 15:29

Just had here the civil wedding party (max 20 persons) , and i have no complaints. The restaurant manager and the waiters were very helpful, and always around. Great food and drinks. Very happy with service and location.
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5 septembrie 2022 12:53

decent food, fair prices but the place is nicely organised and decorated
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