Restaurant terasa cu flori

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Srg. Nițu Vasile , Berceni, București

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Terasa cu Flori isi propune sa va satisfaca poftele cu preparate gustoase si proaspete intr-un cadru traditional.

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10:00 - 23:00


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4,4 / 8 voturi
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A Anca
28 august 2020 11:22 Rezervat în data de 27 august 2020

M Marian
15 februarie 2020 10:51 Rezervat în data de 14 februarie 2020

B Bianca
4 ianuarie 2020 20:26 Rezervat în data de 4 ianuarie 2020

E Elena
30 septembrie 2019 11:30 Rezervat în data de 29 septembrie 2019

Atmosfera rustica placuta. Pizza casei gustoasa si cu blat subtire. Pastrama foarte buna.

M Mircea
11 august 2019 09:46 Rezervat în data de 10 august 2019

A Alexandra
23 martie 2019 17:05 Rezervat în data de 23 martie 2019

T Theodor
26 noiembrie 2018 09:49 Rezervat în data de 25 noiembrie 2018

G George
31 august 2017 07:09 Rezervat în data de 30 august 2017

22 august 2020 15:35

Best pizza!
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14 decembrie 2019 01:31

Pretty good for a neighborhood terace, the food is good with good prices, while the serving is prompt
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10 octombrie 2019 02:30

The perfect place for a friendly reunion with people you know. Great terrace and homy atmosphere.
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14 ianuarie 2019 15:15

Quite a good traditional restaurant. My friends ate some good dishes with fish the were very thankful in the end. The vegetarian options are not the best, not many, therefor not diverse. I would definitely choose something else for that. The place is an open space, clean, background music (at least when I was there), usually attended by many people. If you live in the area and don't want to check something in the city center, this might be a good option for some.
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3 ianuarie 2019 19:04

The best food! I love this place and the prices are also fair. The tavern is made all out of wood so it gives you a great mountain cabin vibe. Totally try it!
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