Bulevardul Alexandru Obregia 25A, Berceni, București
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Restaurantul Provence va asteapta sa va petreceti timpul liber intr-un cadru ambiental, cu muzica buna, servind preparatele noastre la preturi exceptionale

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10:00 - 23:00


Păreri despre "Provence"

Doina Serbu
13 mai 2017 17:16

Decent food, kind and helpful waiters, music from radio ...
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Anca Stan
1 mai 2017 10:28

Old fashioned location, but great food. "Plita" is their signature. Do not miss it!
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Andre G
5 iunie 2016 09:45

Staff are rude and inconsiderate. Takes forever to even get a menu, and you have to beg for drink refills and then wait until the waiters finish their gossip before they can be inconvenienced to serve you. They act like they are doing you a "favor" by serving you. Not realizing that without paying customers the restaurant would cease to exist. The owner of this once great establishment needs to take action soon and fire/retrain his wait staff before this restaurant's once sterling reputation goes further downhill.
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Richard Hongu
28 martie 2017 19:23

Love the quesa😉
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radu buia
23 februarie 2017 12:22

Good food, poor location
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