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Bulevardul Alexandru Obregia 25A, Berceni, București

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Restaurantul Provence va asteapta sa va petreceti timpul liber intr-un cadru ambiental, cu muzica buna, servind preparatele noastre la preturi exceptionale

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A Andrei
17 februarie 2019 17:25 Rezervat în data de 16 februarie 2019

8 august 2020 12:22

Good food, delivered on time.
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12 august 2020 15:40

Very good all round
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14 februarie 2020 13:11

Waiting for 2h now for my food (still no sign from them)... This is simply outrageous...
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25 august 2019 16:25

the food is delicious and it's totally worth the price. The only down side I see is the location as the it's not so friendly in my opinion.
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14 mai 2019 10:24

We went on a Monday evening, the terrasse was 90% full and 2 tables occupied inside.
The wait for Bulz was one hour, after that the soup came after 20 minutes, we also got desserts. The wait was worth every penny because the food exceeded our expectations. Great chef in the kitchen and very competitive prices compared to other similar establishments... congrats for a good job, only hire few more people!
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