Restaurant La Patrascu

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Strada Stefan Nicolau 2, Dristor, București

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Max Androne
27 octombrie 2018 03:26

The staff was good and very alert. Food was good but needed salt. I went here for a party and they provided perfectly. Very nice
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robert joitoiu
15 septembrie 2018 14:00

One of the worst service and food ever. The pizza had some sort of "mozzarella" that was creepy and slimy. The ribs were undercooked and covered in sweet-sour Chinese sauce straight from the bottle. And my steak, forgotten by the waiter, was burned to a crisp... Trying to scratch the burnt area like toast. So, never again.
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Raz & Imbri P
28 octombrie 2018 06:11

We arrived sometime after 10 pm to a completely packed lot. Even the sidewalks were completely covered in parked patrons or residents of the nearest blocs. Fortunately, the local in our party knew someone in the bloc who was willing to let us block in their van with our car, else we may have found ourselves still circling to park until after midnight. To say this place is popular with the locals would be understating. We wended our way through small lakes in the parking area while trying to reach the covered areas of the restaurant before being completely soaked through by the driving rain. Yet some of the outdoor tables were still occupied despite the weather when we arrived. We were not so brave, so we waited in a narrow atrium area until an indoor table was vacated, then swooped down on it even before it could be bussed so that we might be insured a seat out of the rain.

As the wafting smoke from another table in the dining area set me into great, gasping coughs, I could only grouse about how tobacco smoke is a difficult allergy to work around in Eastern Europe. For anyone who suffers the same, I highly recommend choosing a warm, clear evening to visit La Patrascu so that you can sit outside and not run into the tobacco issue. Fortunately, the breezes shifted direction soon after I started coughing, and blew in clean, flower-scented air from the patio greenery which forced the clouds of smoke out the open windows on the side of the smokers opposite our table. As I do not speak Romanian myself, and I neglected to have the native speakers in the party ask, I am not aware if there is a dedicated nonsmoking section. If there is not one yet, it should be highly considered.

I thought that the drama leading up to order placement was something the experience would have difficulty living up to, but even chain-smoking restaurant patrons considered, the overall experience gets a 5-star rating from me.

I immediately forgot my earlier discomfort with the first sip of my Ciorbă de fasole cu afumătură (bean soup with smoked meat). My companions tell me this is a very traditional Romanian dish. The base was thick and hearty, just short of being a bisque, and the beans, meat, and veg were decidedly noticeable chunks. All-together, this had the mouth-feel of the best stew ever, and the flavor was bold, savory, smoky, and slightly sour. My taste buds performed not simple arias in praise of the flavor, but the whole the 1812 Overture with every bite. I very nearly wept at the realization that I was getting on a plane the following day and not certain when or if I would have a chance to eat this soup again. My better-half proclaimed La Patrascu’s Ciorbă de burta his new favorite, and after three bites began contemplating cancelling our order to just have a few more bowls of it.

The beautiful, longing melancholy of the last spoon of my ciorbă was erased by joy and wonder, however, when the platou 2 persoane (2-person grilled platter) my party of three opted to share arrived to the table. Grilling perfect meat may seem a simple matter when you are throwing 4th of July hotdogs on charcoal in the back yard, but grilling the entirety of a farmyard to perfection and having them all ready at the same time, along with appropriately matched veg and garnish is an impressive feat. I am still unsure if La Patrascu has an external supplier for their mici (short sausages of lamb and beef spiced unlike any other), or if they make it in-house. It doesn’t really matter, though, it’s still my new favorite.
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Popa Adrian
21 iunie 2018 13:31

Now listen. This became my favorite restaurant. You know when you are fed up by pizza and very quick and handy food, and you NEED something COOKED? La Patrascu is your ANSWER. They cook with LOVE and you can TASTE IT. Trust me on this one, you can see how excited I am lol.
The prices are very good too.
Update: I also tried like 4 types of pizza. They're awesome! So much cheese and very tasty 😃
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Silviu Stancu
19 septembrie 2018 15:06

The terrace was very busy during the evening. We ordered some wine and food. Food arrived within 40 minutes and was was colder than expected. We told the waiter bubhe didn't follow-up. Also, one of my friends ordered beef 🥩 stake with peper sauce. It was cold and the sauce was all over the place, wwy too much, such as was hiding the stake thickness... The waiter was nice however when we complained about the food he didn't follow up, especially the stake issue. Another point we weren't impress with was picked cucumbers and sweet pepers salad. The sweet pepers were soft...
BTW it was only one small washroom and I have to wait in line to access it.
Overall, not a very good experience, definitely not recommended.
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