Restaurant La Patrascu

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Strada Stefan Nicolau 2, Dristor, București
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Cand vine vorba de iesit in gasca toata lumea trebuie multumita, tocmai de aceea alegerea locului devine uneori o corvoada. Noi iti venim in ajutor.

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Catalin T
18 august 2019 23:28

Nice place for a torrid Bucharest afternoon. Cold beer and some of the most brilliant Romanian traditional grilled minced meat rolls (mititei) in Bucharest, except the ones you can get in Obor Market (If you dare!). I assume that in the evening is even better.
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Daniela Popovici
30 iulie 2019 22:29

Who could imagine what an interesting spot you can discover hided between buildings ...😍 I really recommend the grilled fish dish with polenta! Don't miss the wine selection...
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Dorin - Nicolae Tecuceanu
1 iunie 2019 16:25

Fresh and very tasty food, incredibly large portions and very affordable prices. Lovely terrace, I highly recommend this restaurant.
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Iulia Madalina Nastase
6 septembrie 2019 23:31

Lovely staff, always looking after their guests
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daniel vlase
1 septembrie 2019 10:44

Cozy place, poor meniu!
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