Restaurant & Bufet Asiatic [închis permanent]

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Calea Vitan 11, Vitan, București
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Restaurant Bufet Asiatic vă oferă sute de feluri de mâncare din bucătăria asiatică, fiind locul perfect pentru o seară la restaurant cu familia.

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M Mona
17 februarie 2018 19:08 Rezervat în data de 17 februarie 2018 prin

Mancare rece, fara diversitate. Pret piperat pentru oferta. Senzatia de afacere in paragina.

Alain M.
4 martie 2017 00:34

This is a good place. I arrived late due to traffic jams, only 5 minutes before lunch closing, yet they allowed to serve myself and left the buffet open for another 20 minutes past the time. The food was rather good, especially the deserts. From what i saw the evening version includes the sushi and lot more varieties as well. Definitively recommended.
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Catalin Dima
14 noiembrie 2016 13:11

An all you can eat restaurant with Chinese and Japanese food. Some options are good (like sushi), some aren't that great (like crabs).
The prices are OK, if you take into account how much sushi costs in general.
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Alex China-Birta
8 august 2017 00:48

Decent food, far from authentic Asian cuisine but still tasty. Not a very classy place, would not recommend for a romantic or important dinner.
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andrei pan
26 noiembrie 2017 23:30

they have nice and tasty food
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Gabriel Lungu
21 februarie 2017 17:45

Best asian food i've had in Bucharest. Cooking on the spot! Swedish buffet. All you can eat is my choice.
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