Ramana Garden

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Covaci 1, Centrul vechi, București

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Ramana Garden este o gradina in mijlocul orasului ce recreeaza lumea de basm din povestile Seherezadei, un loc unic cu decor oriental autentic.La Ramana Garden puteti savura o narghilea pregatita de profesionisti cu experienta, ceaiuri exotice sau ceaiuri rare, cafele aromate si cocktail-uri .Va asteptam sa va relaxati impreuna cu prietenii intr-o atmosfera intima si linistita la Ramana Garden.

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16:00 - 03:00


Păreri despre "Ramana Garden"

Abdellah Mghari
21 octombrie 2018 12:35

Magical place with arabic and Turkish vibes , i liked it
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Voineagu Razvan
30 mai 2018 11:59

It was my favorite place form Bucharest. It has a beautiful concept with good prices, amazing atmosphere, good music. But with the time it got worse. The quality of services dropped and you wait too much for a simple order.
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Max Androne
16 august 2018 16:05

The service was very slow and bad. We ordered two coffees and a milkshake and it took about half an hour until we finally got them. The coffees were ok, nothing special, but the milkshake was not good at all. Afterwards we ordered an apple shisha, they informed us that they didn't have apple anymore so we settled for a watermelon one. When we got it we concluded that it was not in fact watermelon, but orange which wasn't any good and made one of my friends sick. Would definitely not recommend.
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Vlad Ionescu
26 iunie 2018 00:40

The prices are a bit high but the atmosphere is very nice. It is a good place to go with your friends and relax.
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Rabiah Khalid
22 octombrie 2018 02:54

Great atmosphere with beautiful decor
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