Pukka Tukka

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Piața Amzei 13, Romană, București

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Absolut toate ingredientele folosite la prepararea mancarurilor sunt 100% certificate bio si provin de la magazinul nostru - Pukka Food, primul magazin bio din Romania, deschis inca din 2008: www.pukkafood.ro.

Aici, ne aprovizionam saptamanal, dupa ce testam si selectam cele mai bune si mai proaspete produse, de la cei mai seriosi furnizori locali si europeni.

Deci, daca te-ai indragostit iremediabil de preparatele noastre, poti sa mergi alaturi, la magazin, sa-ti faci cumparaturile si sa le gatesti acasa :)

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Ilinca Cristea
14 septembrie 2018 13:58

The halloumi sweet potato salad is super tasty and nutritious. I ordered it at home and the cheese was still warm, I was quite impressed. There are lots of healthy vegetarian options, you won’t remain hungry for sure!
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Nigel Barton
26 mai 2018 19:31

Food, when it arrived was very nice. However the emphasis was on WHEN. We were told food would take 20-25 mins, when we had been waiting for 1hr and were getting ready to leave it FINALLY arrived. In between no complimentary drinks or bread was issued which was a shame as this really took the shine off the experience. We observed around us a number of unhappy tables and quite a few people just either left or walked away when told about the ever increasing waiting time. There weren't enough tables of people to account for this extremely long wait either, which made the delays even more of a mystery.
Would I go back? Based on this experience unfortunately it's an emphatic no. Get the staffing levels & customer service training right however and this will be a decent on trend place to visit in the future.
I would therefore have to currently question the accuracy/impartiality of a number of guide websites which recommend such establishments.
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Raluca S
20 mai 2018 19:48

Quite expensive for what they offer. Nice but very small, the surrounding atmosphere is not yet what it should be. Not so many options. Did not have the time to try a lot of things; the salmon of my friend did not look great but the spinach salad was amazing.
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Susie Gerrells
27 aprilie 2018 11:24

Such great organic food! Also organic grocery next door is so helpful and helped me pre order baby items for our trip
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Sara Assi
5 mai 2018 18:56

Food okay. Service average. Overpriced.
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