Pukka Tukka

Piața Amzei 13, Victoriei, București

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Absolut toate ingredientele folosite la prepararea mancarurilor sunt 100% certificate bio si provin de la magazinul nostru - Pukka Food, primul magazin bio din Romania, deschis inca din 2008: www.pukkafood.ro. Aici, ne aprovizionam saptamanal, dupa ce testam si selectam cele mai bune si mai proaspete produse, de la cei mai seriosi furnizori locali si europeni.

Deci, daca te-ai indragostit iremediabil de preparatele noastre, poti sa mergi alaturi, la magazin, sa-ti faci cumparaturile si sa le gatesti acasa :)

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Chris Whiles
25 august 2017 17:19

Charming little place with lots of healthy meals, all the ingredients are organic and high end (hence the prices).
The service was nice and the meals tasted incredible!
Only had a lunch but would recommend you try this little spot out.
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Sikander Siraj
18 iunie 2017 18:59

This has been a great place with a very interesting albeit small menu with options for everyone! Have been here several times and have thoroughly enjoyed the food.
However, the list of available items on the already small menu seems to keep on reducing every time we go here to the point that the last two times we have chosen to not eat here because there were 4 out of 10 menu items available.
I wish they could fix their supply issues as this is truly a great place for good organic food!
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Liviu Dănicel
28 octombrie 2017 12:22

Nice for the location. More than decent food too but overpriced.
Standard coffee
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Martin Witte
12 august 2017 09:52

Nice place for biological quality food, good options for vegetarians
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Bogdan Boby
29 ianuarie 2018 22:10

Good fresh n healty food
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