Trattoria 20

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Splaiul Independenței 290, Regie, București
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Trattoria 20 este o combinatie unica de bucatarie italiana, bucatarie traditionala romaneasca, decor rafinat si preturi accesibile. Meniul bogat,atmosfera destinsa, serviciile profesioniste si prietenoase fac din timpul petrecut in Trattoria 20 o adevarata placere.

Este locul perfect pentru a bea cafeaua dimineata, pentru a lua pranzul sau pentru a petrece seara in compania prietenilor.

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A Aurelia
20 octombrie 2018 22:11 Rezervat în data de 20 octombrie 2018 prin

Buna ziua,

Mancare buna,servirea rapida
Mesele nu au nimic pe ele,servetele trebuiesc cerute cand ai nevoie,nu sare,piper,ulei,otet

Luc Frachon
13 iulie 2019 13:34

You don't always get excellent service in Romania, but this one outdid itself. We never heard the waiter's voice, nor saw him smile. We ordered a crepe and a pizza. The pizza could have been good but it came cold because the waiter was too busy doing f*** all (there were about 5 other customers in the restaurant, and at least two staff members). They're just not interested in doing their job...
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Maria Enache
16 iulie 2019 00:45

I discovered it son took me there. Very good food at reasonable prices. It is located in Regie student campus. The waiters are very helpful, good atmosphere.
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Lele I-Am
7 iunie 2019 21:58

We came here, we found a table and the waiter told us it was reserved. We found one free, and he still refused to serve us. He threatened to use violence to me and he called me idiot. I wanted to call the police and only after the manager sincerely apologised I did not. Definitely not a place for foreigners.
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Baptiste TheMouton
11 iunie 2019 17:13

Pizza is nice for the price, but come on,do you really need 1 h to cook 1 pizza ?
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Gabriel Solomoneanu
17 iulie 2019 19:22

Cool place, awesome food!
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